List of places to sell or value your car online

In alphabetical order:

AutoLendersGo AKA ALGO (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

Autonation (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

CarBuyerUSA (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

CarOffer (aka CarGurus) (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

Carmax (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

CarStub (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

Carvana (LH Affiliate Link || LH Review Thread)

Driveway (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

Equityhackr via Leasehackr X AutoLeaseNinjas (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

GiveMeTheVIN AKA GMTV (Direct Link || LH Review Thread) – accepts lessor-released titles

Rodo (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

Shift (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

Trade-in Solutions (Direct Link || LH Review Thread) – accepts lessor-released titles

Vroom (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

WeBuyAnyCar (Direct Link || LH Review Thread TBD)

WhipFlip (Direct Link || LH Review Thread – accepts lessor-released titles, not currently buying cars in California

The above are national or cover a large geographic area AFAIK. In addition, there are smaller operators that only cover a small footprint as well as individual local dealers or chains:

Bidlane (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

CarShop (Direct Link || LH Review Thread)

There are sites that connect (i.e. forward your info) you to local dealers, such as:

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Any of the Leasehackr brokers buying cars? also gives value and I’m told by CarMax that they honor that value.


Since there is not a review thread for WeBuyAnyCar yet…

I just sold my 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (leased through Chrysler Capital since Nov 2020, 7500 miles, $41k MSRP) to them today. I highly recommend them, or at least their Arlington, VA location (Curtis!). They honored their estimate - just took a couple hundred off for a scratch on the door and a $300 doc fee. Walked out with a nice check after a thorough inspection and a ton of paperwork.

Here are the estimates I received:
WeBuyAnyCar = $43,680
Vroom = $43,200 (I know they no longer buy leases)
Driveway = $42,280
AllCars = $42,000
Inride = $41,989 (they took off $1k for a “regional adjustment” when I went in person - came across as quite unethical since the person had the new number before I arrived and could have told it to me before I made the trip)
AutoNation = $41,500
CarBuyerUSA = $41,211
The dealer I got the Jeep from = $40,000
ALGO Nation = $39,300
Rodo = $38,000
GMTV = $38,000
LeaseHackr Equity Hacker = $37,250
Carvana = $33,662

Many thanks to the LeaseHackr community for posting the incredibly helpful information that helped me maximize the value :pray:


Perfect, I need this list.
I’m selling my Audi S5…!!!

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If you don’t mind… I am looking to return my wife’s lease. How easy is the process, and were you able to get into another car relatively easily? We are looking to extend our lease a few months because of the lease market nowadays.


The actual process with WeBuyAnyCar was pretty easy. There was some back-and-forth prior to showing up to make sure they had everything they needed with CCAP for the lease buyout. At the appointment, the person I was dealing with inspected the car, copied my license & registration, had me fill out a bunch of paperwork, cut me a check, and took the keys. It took about 45 minutes.

I already had another car lined up… I put in a 4xe order with a broker on this site a while ago. The WeBuyAnyCar office was in a strip mall, not at a dealer, so it didn’t look like there was an option to get into another car with them.

The worst part of the process was giving my information to all the different sites - I still haven’t been able to stop all the emails and texts I get from the other sites trying to buy my Jeep!


Thanks!! Yea we are looking at them as well, and are just worried about how long it will take to get into a new car.

I appreciate it!

1 Like is a good resource for West Coast sellers.

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Don’t see it listed but AutoBuy in South FL usually beats most offers or matches the offer. A friend just sold a Subie to them and the process was quick. 15 min to inspect and check out the car and they offer you their valuation. If you have a carmax,Carvana, vroom quote they match or beat them. The process from inspection to sale was about 1 hour if you decide to sell to them. Offer is good for 5 days but they push to buy your car same day so if the offer is good enough go for it!

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Do you have a link?

Yep! Sorry about that. Link:


They’re local and I have a car to sell. I’ll give 'em a try.

Def recommend getting your highest offer and countering with that since they allow haggles. Good luck!

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Do they buy leased cars from the captive bank that allows it?
F.e. Hyundai Finance.

I just tried with Autobuy “we pay the max” and they told me i’ll have to pay about $2-3k in fee about my personal buyout quote for them to do. They’ll take possession of the vehicle, send payoff payment to captive bank as if it was you, and once i rec’d the title to sign over to them. I didn’t expected the hefty fee.

Sounds like they’re buying it out in your name. The fee is probably largely sales tax.

That what it sound like. I was hoping the other way around when 3rd dealer buyout to not including sale taxes.

Are you sure you were thorough and accurately obtained market value on this before selling it? You only got 13 offers​:crazy_face::crazy_face:

This is the definition of diligence!


Saw a commercial for they have dealerships all over PA and NJ and seem to have every brand dealer.