CarStub Review / Sold to CarStub

Creating a separate review thread for CarStub, who allegedly accepts Lessor-Released Titles.

Some mentions here, no “sold to” posts that I’ve seen so far:

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CarStub is one I’ve seen mentioned here as accepting LRTs, and that there isn’t a lot of information about, so I gave them a try. Had this review existed, I probably would not have…

I submitted their Webform on Saturday, not expecting a reply until Monday, with all the usual information: VIN, mileage, options, condition, etc.

I received an auto reply email within a couple minutes that they had received my information and would get back to me with a quote. The email has an option to click if you want to receive the quote by text instead (clicked).

I was working on Sunday night, actually on a call, when I got the first voicemail and text messages to call for my quote. I responded to the text and asked them to send the quote or I would call in on Monday.

I received six more identical text messages today to call for my quote, which I assumed were automated. I called in and got a person on the phone:

  • Is this John? (they recognized my number and automatically pulled up my information) “Yes”
  • What city are you in? (one they service)
  • How many miles are on the car? - “Whatever I put on the form” – (hung up on)

I would NOT recommend CarStub.


I am still getting 3-4 auto-texts daily. Try to call the #, endless HOLD
They might have a great offer but man it’s painful getting there.
In any case, they told me last week my Jeep was too new, try again in the summer.

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In the process of working with CarStub now. Sold to them last week, the process took about 4 days total. I was in constant contact with the appraiser and they gave me a decent offer the first time they came out. I was able to negotiate up another 1k in price once I told them I had other offers for that price. They came to me, paid me on the spot with a check for the equity I had in the car, they pay off the balance directly to Lexus, then a flat bed picked it up and they do all DMV work in house. A good friend is a neighboring business of theirs here locally and based on their reviews online I went with them over an out of area company (talked to companies out of state that wanted the car as well). Overall very positive experience with Sergio my appraiser at CarStub.


Have them coming out this afternoon to inspect the car. Will post updates, offer is great. Will see if they lowball once they inspect.

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Holy crap that was fast. 41.5k quote last night, today they showed up, 41.6k offered. Signed, got my check for 8k, flat bed tomorrow.

Guess I got lucky in terms of turnaround?


So fast it could have been one post.

Congratulations- I’m glad someone had a good experience with them.


Just had a great experience with CarStub.

Called yesterday (Saturday) to get the estimate range. Told them I had a quote from Carmax and they said they usually try to beat competitors.
The appraiser arrived today right on time, was super friendly, and in and out with a check in hand within an hour. They accepted lessor-released title and beat Carmax by $150 (better than nothing and worth it for the convenience of no DMV work and check in hand instantly!)


They said no. I will need title on my name for Ally.

I just talked to them today. They confirmed a “signed off” title is accepted.

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confirming this is true. I paid off Ally directly, they sent me title in both of our names and CarStub accepted it on the spot.


Hello Experts, Can someone please help me understand what is the difference between selling to CarStub vs CarMax? I have a lease on 2019 Volvo XC90 which is coming to an end in 4 months.

To sell to CarMax : Pay off the car → get title from VFS → register the car on my name → get new title from DMV → sell car to Carmax

To sell to CarStub : Pay off the car → get title from VFS → sell car to CarStub

Is this current understanding?


correct. and carstub comes to you rather than you going to carmax.

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The year is 2022 and every single English world suffix after Car and before dot com is a used car buying service…

I just flipped my Pajero to!

They said no for Ally. I asked what if they release the title, they still said No. Will check with them again. Maybe I did not explain them correctly.

What is “signed off”?
“Signed off” title means I pay Ally whatever my buyout price is (excluding taxes), and I get a release form (some document from Ally saying the same) instantly that the car has been paid off ?

Will Ally send title (title release) instantly when you pay them online? how does it work, and how long is this process?
Do you have to pay taxes when selling this way?

go to your ally account and find the buyout quote. i overnighted them a cashiers check in the buyout amount. couple weeks later they sent the title. if in california, you do not pay taxes this way as ally gives quote without tax

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correct, my quote is without tax in CA. So, they can send me a title without me paying taxes.

couple weeks, was it 1-2 weeks or more?

2 weeks. make sure to follow up on the customer service chat. that should expedite it


So, In CA they won’t send you the title because you haven’t paid taxes yet, they just send you that the title has been released. Is that what you mean by “signed off” or “title release” or “Lessor-Released Titles”?