Sold one to CARVANA!

We got the VROOM topic going (Sold one to VROOM!) but thought I’d throw in how easy it was with Carvana too, and why it’s important to check both.

Put the wife’s Lexus data through both Vroom and Carvana, vroom was $2k under the payoff, Carvana was $45 over it. Submitted the paperwork for Carvana, got on the phone with them to discuss lease transfer stuff with Lexus in the state of MO (easy peasy). Setup a time for pickup to be 10am on a saturday.

10:02 am knock on the door, Carvana branded pickup truck all ready, guy took the car around the block to check for stuff. Paperwork signed. Car loaded. Cashiers check for the difference handed over. Total time spent was 12 minutes.

Absolutely will be using them again. Easiest transaction ever!

Onto the next leasehack!


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If they beat vroom and others right? :yum:

Very true. Will always go with the highest bidder.

Fucking hell it took twice as long to cancel SiriusXM then it did to sell the goddamn car.


Carvana offered $28,xxx for my '11 C63. VROOM offered $29,000.

Decided to list it on my own on a forum (free). Car sold in less than 24 hours to a great buyer for $37,000. Zero risk as we both had accounts at the same bank, so did an account to account transfer.

My car was in incredible condition with very low miles. I guess you may be better off going with a private buyer if you have a gem like I did (like new 6yr old car, 15k miles, original owner).


You are very lucky. Not everyone has 37k cash sitting in account. Even many who do, will still keep that kind of capital and take a low interest loan etc. For gems like yours private party os the way to go. Just takes time.
Vroom and carvana are best suited for people trying to get rid of their lease cars whether its for cashing in equity or avoiding lease return costs such as disp and tires, etc.


You’re right. I consider myself to be quite lucky. The buyer was equally thrilled to have found my car.

I listed the car at 10pm a couple of days ago. A buyer contacted me at 7am next morning. We spoke for about 45 mins at 9. He booked a 1hr flight that arrived 3pm the same day to come see the car. The car was sold by 5pm! Unbelievable! I was sad to see my beautiful car leave, but at least it went to a great home. I always prefer selling my fun cars to enthusiasts.


Yea I’d never sell a proper car to a dealer. Things like my STI or my old lotus Elise. Will get hosed by dealers on that. This was just because wanted to get out of her lease. We are moving to Chicago and downsizing.

Downsizing is always good. I tend to get stressed out as the amount of things and clutter in my life increases, which is inevitable if you have kids. Even though I miss my fun cars, having that money in the bank and more open space in the garage has been great!

It’s funny that you mentioned Lotus. A few years ago, I sold my Elise to a private buyer who paid more than my asking price as it was his dream to own a Lotus. Another great private buyer transaction. You’re right, I wouldn’t even attempt to sell a high demand/enthusiast car to a dealer.

Good luck with the move to Chicago.

Sold the 2016 WRX Limited 6MT with 27k to Carvana last night. Payoff was 23,941.16

Offers from:
Carmax 20k
Vroom 22k
Trade In Solutions (Local Buyer) 22,500
Carvana 24k!!!

Had 4 months left on the lease, avoided those payments, disposition fee, car was just about ready for 4 tires, and had a nice shopping cart door ding that pushed in the door trim - don’t think PDR would have saved that one. Avoided paying for all this, and got a check for 174.00!!

I did the online form, got a call the next day. Three days later they called to schedule a pick. Pickup time rolls around and the driver says that they are stuck in traffic. 30 more min pass and they called back and said they would have to reschedule another pick up time OR we could drop the car off. Drove it to the local Drivetime dealership, turns out they are partnered up with them and have a small office out of there. Filled out the paperwork, cut us a check. Since we had to drop the car off, they paid for a Uber back home and gave us a 50.00 amazon card! I think we did alright. Would recommend them to anybody on here if the numbers work. Gonna miss that Subaru, but I think the 340i should fill its place fine for the next 3 years. Not sure if any 6MT will be left then…


Carvana is amazing to deal with. I sold my car too and I found their prices to be way more competitive than other platforms.

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MT is officially dead on the G20 3-series


I had a less than stellar experience with Carvana on my leased 2016 VW EGolf. They offered significantly more than CarMax. The sale was a no-brainer ($2500 above payoff). They picked up the car in June – I signed the papers and got checkafter a 5-minute inspection (side note: the driver crashed his truck into a post during pick-up so he was pretty anxious).
In July VW Credit bills me for another lease payment while I was overseas (surprise #1). Turns out Carvana short-paid VW, who then did not release the vehicle. I was still getting the bill for the lease. The registration also remained in my name, so I received a registration renewal from the DMV (surprise #2). Long story short it took 5 long phone calls to get everything straightened out with VW/Carvana. To Carvana’s credit, the tech support was very accommodating and apologetic. Lesson learned is always check with the creditor to make sure the transaction is complete.


Just sold my 18 civic si to Carvana. They offered me 1k more than vroom. Just picked up. Quick and easy.

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Sold my 2016 Prius about one month ago. Carvana gave me about $1500 above payoff and they put it up at about $1700 on top of that. Car was fully loaded, in great condition and relatively low miles.

Had a wonderful experience with Carvana. Started the process during Labor Day weekend, after I saw that the lease had some equity in it. Customer service is great, always very courteous and answered my questions on the process. The representative came right on time, was really sweet, and everything was taken care of within 5 minutes.

Vroom was about $1500 less than Carvana, and I didn’t even bother with Carmax; after their last lowball about two years ago.

Really hope that companies like this conquer their market share and stay in business for many years to come. Profit margins seem to be relatively thin (my case in particular).

Hopefully they sell their cars. Looked at some of their used car selections and holy hell are they expensive.

Surprisingly I see a lot of sale pending. I still don’t understand how they make money if I bought my civic si for 21,800 and they give me 23k for it? There might be some kinda tax advantage but I’m more than happy with the offer I got. CarMax lowballed me as well, they said I won’t get a better offer. Guess they were wrong

I’m about to do the same. Where you leasing from Honda? Curious if the payoff is the same as the calamder they have on their website?

Worried that because I’m selling the car , there will be extra free I don’t know a put.

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Mine matched up. There were no fees. Carvana took the liberty to call them as well to get the 10 day payoff