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Good morning everyone,

 I currently am leasing a 2021 G70 3.3 AWD @ 550/mo.  I have the oppurtunity to get out of my current lease and into a 2022 fully optioned G70 Mallocora Blue AWD 3.3!  Reading/lurking through the forums seems as if some arent getting under $600/mo for similar G70.  I’ve tried entering all info on the calculator, but i’m coming up with numbers over $800/mo.  A close friend recently signed a lease for  a similar vehicle in regards to msrp, actually closer to 60k.  I’m in awe that they(Cherry Hill Genesis) would get me out of my current lease and into a newer car at this price point.  Where am i going wrong?  The friend had over $6k in equity from a trade in.  I have posted the lease offer sheet if anyone can help out or give advice, please!  This offer sounds to good to be true!

I forgot to add i would be responsible for $1000 down and monthly payment would be $569. $20 more than my current 2021 lease payment.

Did you check the equity on Your current car? Are You sure You have just around $4k. Did You get a quote from carmax carvana vroom kbb driveway alfo. Gmtv etc?

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Looks like they’re giving you 4k in equity and rolling it into the lease. Like @Zenek said, check around, see if that’s a fair equity number.

This should help with Your research.


The short answer is they are buying your 2021 G70 and applying the positive equity from that car to the new 2022 lease as a down payment to lower your monthly payment on the 2022.

Like others said, this looks good right now, but I have a feeling you can negotiate more in your trade-in value to wipe out the $1000 cash down. Your counter offer should be zero out of pocket and keep the same $550/mo as your current 2021 lease payment. Doesn’t hurt to try, and you hold leverage in this situation.


First, thank you to the members that replied and explained this. Truly appreciate. Waiting to get a online quote from Carvana and others to get an avg of equity on my current lease. I did reach out to my previous salesman, who said thats a good deal and he’d love to match but doesn’t have anything on the lot. I’m feeling confident, just waiting on more equity numbers to roll in to see if I can possibly get a lower trade-in value! Again thanks!

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