Sold one to WeBuyAnyCar

Hi everyone, I’ve seen this buyer get thrown around the forums but don’t see a review thread for them so I figured I’d start one.

They’re the highest offer on my 4xe (MSRP 59k) their offer is 57780. Do they normally follow through or are they like an ALgo or CBUSA?

Please share your experiences with WeBuyAnyCar (WBAC) below

They suck - offer way more than others and then lowball you.


My offer didn’t change when I used them back in March, process took about an hour at one of their locations.

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I got an offer from them for 59,220 on my Sahara. Called my local branch if he can give me an actual offer based on Vin. First guy said 58.3k based on vin, then the manager called me back saying he needs me on the phone with ccap to hear the payoff. Afterwards he proceeded to ask me how much I want, told him 57-58 he said nah I’m at 51-52K.

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Pretty much my experience with them. Granted, it was in March and there was no MMR on '22 4xe, but still.

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I got a very high offer with them back in March and didn’t really pursue because I hadn’t given VIN and seemed way too high. A few weeks ago I sold a different one to them and they offered just above sticker. My appt ended up taking two hours and had to call ccap, but there was nothing to deduct for on inspection and received full original price (actually a few hundred higher) I wouldn’t be shocked if that was rare as they seem to have paid full auction value (if not higher)

Both vehicles were ‘22 4xe saharas with 500ish miles on them

I got an offer yesterday for 59k on 61k msrp.
When i setup an appointment the Guy call to confirm and then said the actual offer is 53k not 59k.
Blame it to a computer glitch. And even 53k is not confirmed it can drop further after car inspection.
I Canceled my appointment with him on the phone.

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I spoke to Anthony and Glen is manager, same thing 59k got pay off quote told me i can do pay off quote.

Really they standing behind their initial Quote of 59k.
Which City or State, is it a Rubi or Sahara and whats the msrp.

Sounds like he’s saying he got an offer for 59k but once they got the payoff quote (probably somewhere in the low 50-51k range) they lowered their offer to match the payoff, so $0 equity to him.

@Sam_Sam correct me if i’m wrong

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Oh I got it now. Thats something isn’t it. They will take care of payoff quote. WoW.

Absolutely 100% true. Shady business tactics. Should be shut down by state n remove them from leasehacker list.

Definitely sounding more and more like mine was a fluke/mistake on their part. I guess that explains why in Uconnect it’s been sitting at an auction lot for almost 2 weeks lol

should be called WeMightBuyAnyCar

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Was WeBuyUglyCars taken? Could be a nice spin off.

Always went with Carvana or Vroom. Their Youtube ads alone gave me PTSD and I refused to do any business with them. Heard they lowball though.

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I’ll add my experience. Original quote was $57k online, then 55.3 over the phone, then 54.2 in person. Nah, I’m good.

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I’ve sold two cars to them. Both times went pretty smooth. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee lease that was 20k miles over. I bought the lease out and shopped it to sell it and WeBuyAnyCar was not the highest but they were close. Their online offer was I think $29,500 and Carvana was $30,500 Vroom $29,950. I brought them the car and asked them to up the offer to $30k, and after a 45 minute examination offered $29,750 and I took it instead of dealing with Vroom that wanted me to fed-ex the title, then come get the car and after examination, send me a check. WeBuyAnyCar handed me a check and I gave them the keys.
Last month sold them a BMW X3 for $40,190, again below a $42,250 offer from one of the online offers. But wife wanted a larger SUV, we found what she wanted but the dealer was at $36k trade value on the X3 so I ran it over to WeBuyAnycar and 45 minutes later had a check in hand. I asked them to get closer to the online offer and this time they declined. But since I wanted the check that day to go get the new SUV I took it.

Well, I just stopped at one of their offices after getting a tentative email offer and was informed they are not buying any leases, even CCAP.

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They told me that last month as well but once we called Ccap then they approved but I guess policy could’ve changed since then