Sold one to VROOM!


Not a lease deal, but I sold my prior lease to today. I rarely plug companies, but holy cow it was easy!

I also got a quote from Carvana, which was more than $2K below my payoff – Vroom was $1,600 over my payoff. Huge swing in my favor.

For reference, the car was a 2016 Acura MDX with the tech package, black/black with just under 20K miles. My sense is that pricing is heavily driven by direct demand for inventory for the company, so pricing will be relative to demand for the color, options, etc for your specific vehicle, but again – sooo easy.

I was surprised, but Vroom didn’t require an inspection prior to pick-up, or even specific condition pictures (just a pic of the odometer reading). The car was picked up by a carrier the day following their receipt of my signed paperwork. The whole process played out in less than one week, and would have been faster if I had turned the paperwork around faster (sat on them over the weekend). Overall, very pleased with the process and outcome (if you couldn’t tell already).

If you are coming to the end of your lease, its worth a quick check to see if you have any equity you can take forward to your next one. Best of luck.


Selling a Lease to Vroom
Honda Accord 1.5T Sport 2018 Lease Terms

Vroom is awesome. Offered the highest out of all the companies i’ve appraised at. Sold 3 cars to them already. Couldn’t be any easier. Definitely recommend using Vroom.



Is it possible to sell a car that you’re currently leasing to Vroom? When I called their customer service, they said that only cars that are owned can be bought by Vroom.



The leased car would have a retail payoff figure as if you owned it. You have to call the bank and ask them for it.



All 3 of the cars i sold to vroom were leased. You just need to request the lease buyout quote and give that to Vroom and they handle the wire funds.

Great way to avoid end of lease disposition fees in addition to any repairs, dings, over milage, or tire replacement costs.



For my Acura, the payoff was stated on my Acura Financial account page online. Didn’t even have to make one call to them. (Vroom does call them to confirm payoff as part of the process)



Funny I had the opposite experience, Vroom was totally unresponsive and after nagging them to actually send the quote 2 weeks later it was nearly $4k lower than Carvana.



Yeah. I got the highest qute from vroom for my 2017 mdx but was still $2500 negative.

EDIT: I just checked and the payoff is much higher… not $2500 dfference FML lol



Out of curiosity, where are you located? I wonder if they are more responsive in mega markets than other areas.



Just got a quote from them. Meh… $200 above my RV (with still 4 payments before contract ends).



Tried Vroom and Carvana just out of curiosity for my 2018 Terrain.

Vroom was 21500
Carvana 20500

Not attractive enough as buyout is 20,900.



Is that the buyout without taxes?
And when you say not attractive, are you expecting more equity on a GM vehicle ?



Everyone is going to have different results based on the car, brand, age, mileage, condition, location, how good the lease was initially, etc. Some will win, many will lose. Using one of these services is no guarantee you will come out a winner, though. It’s always worth a shot, just like playing the lotto.



FWIW, Vroom only offered $22k for our X1, but we have 16 months left on the lease and that is already $3k below our residual.



That’s the 10 day payoff when I called GMF.

I didn’t expect any different and don’t necessarily want out just offering info for others.



According to KBB, my GX is worth 3k more than my payoff. However, the vroom site doesn’t work, every-time I click sell it redirects me to the main page. Any way around this?



I tested a vehicle I need to get rid of. They offered me $17,000. Carvana $16,500. My local Nissan dealership, $22,000.


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Try this direct link.



That’s hilarious. I’m going to get a price from Carmax and a local dealer so I can share a final breakdown of over unders.

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it shows up for a second, then redirects to main page. I will try on my phone