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Not a lease deal, but I had to move my 2013 JX35 with 78k mi, loaded quick after the awesome lease deal BigL got me. I got buy offers from a bunch of places including

Trucecar: 11,800
Dealer Tradein 13,500
Carvana 13,800 15,700 + 100 for having paperwork ready.

The process was stupid simple. I cleaned and detailed the car, it looked nearly new. Made the appointment. The rep Ubered to my house. He looked over the car, and was impressed at how clean it was. He didnt even bother checking the tires or taking it for a test drive. He just got me an offer for the full amount their website said, plus 100 bucks for having my payoff statement and registration ready.

I accepted the offer, and we did some quick paperwork and off it went. That easy.


Looks like CA and DC only so far. Thanks for sharing the data point.


Yes, if this was in NY I would have a few cars to unload. Hopefully this company expands because these prices potentially could be great.


Holy shift that sounds like you made out!


hahahahahahahaha that’s funny


Just sold my car to shift. They were $1500 more than Vroom and $3500 more than Carvana and $4500 more than Carmax. Hoping I don’t have to come back here and edit this. It was super easy though.


Car details?


2016 Civic