Sold one to CarMax

Sold my 2018 Toyota RAV4 XLE to CarMax yesterday, lease was set to expire in May. I only had two payments left. Payoff was around $17,800 CarMax offered me $20,000 and cut me a check for the difference. Super easy process, highly recommended.


Did you check Carvana or Vroom to get their offer to compare ?

I also just sold my Infiniti to CarMax. Was going to sell it to Carvana two weeks ago, but they won’t work with Infiniti Finance. Both were similar offer in my situation.

Yes, CarMax had the best offer for my car. Vroom offered $19,500 and Carvana was lower than both.

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Going to be selling my Nissan Rogue to Carmax on Friday. They offered 19,100, Carvana 18,100, and Vroom 16,200. I did an online appraisal and over a week the carmax offer went from 18100 to 19100. I took the car in for an in person inspection and was offered the same 19100. By doing this though, I locked myself into the 19100, every time I try to check for a new offer online it says to please schedule a time to come bring the car in. Just an FYI if you want to keep checking the price it seems once you bring it in in person, the online system knows this. I have 13 months left and am able to get out of my lease for a little over $200.


Adding to the thread… Looks like Carmax is making an aggressive push to offer more than the E-Appraisers.

I just sold a 2020 Honda Accord for $25,800 to them, and other than waiting 30mins it was easier then dealing with the other folks and I walked out with a check from them.

Carmax- $25,800
VROOM- $22,149
Carvana- $23,000
ALGO- Declined to offer
Givemethevin-$ 22000-$24,159

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Maybe I’ll stop at Carmax today. I’m selling my 2018 Mazda CX-5 GT 25k, I’m in the final steps with carvana. They’re offering $23,500. Vroom is at $21,900.

Check the website to see if they are close

Just ran it for you with some basic details, looks like the site is offering $22k flat.

Yep I got 22k just now for carmax. Guess I’ll schedule the appointment with Carvana.

Did they charge any extra fees in regards to selling your car


Nothing extra based on what I saw (Offer pay- Payoff amount=equity check), I walked out of there with the equity check

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Adding 2 to thread.

So far Carmax is the clubhouse leader for my 2019 Tundra 1794 which its 24/20 lease is due up in July, and my wife’s 2018 Honda Odyssey EX-L + NAV & RES which we bought new, but will be selling to go the lease route instead.

Current Buyout: $42,200
Vroom: $43,500
Carmax: $45,000

Current Payoff: $19,800
Honda Dealer offer: $22,800
Carmax: $25,000

Will probably get one more offer for each, but decent spread and the ease of process that Carmax has is hard to ignore.

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Just got an offer for my 20 crv exl payoff 28377 offer is 28400 with 30 months to go. Might go ahead and jump into something else.

I can confirmed, no additional fees for me as well. Sold my Jeep this past Monday after having a higher offer than carvana.

Don’t forget that Honda will stick you with the disposition fee if you sell the vehicle to a 3rd party. Adds a couple hundred bucks to the math.


Just sold my 2019 Lexus RX350 with Carmax.

It was super easy and left with a check for my equity. Got out of my lease a year early. Same
Price as vroom

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UPDATE Carvana quoted $26,215 for the Odyssey, so I’ll begin that process…although I’m not above taking that quote down the street to see if they’ll match it on site.

If you can get a local to match, take that deal. As someone dealing with a Vroom, I wish I’d have taken the $200 less and done it local. So much ghosting and back and forth, even after paperwork signed.


Just sold my Nissan Rogue today to Carmax. My lease wasn’t up until May 2022 and I got out of my lease for $284 in negative equity. Not too bad for a Nissan and over a year remaining on the lease. Process took about 30 mins while Carmax called Nissan to verify payoff and process the paperwork. Just FYI you can’t pay negative equity with a credit card, so bring cash, check, or a debit card.