Sold to CarBuyerUSA

Saw on another forum that they offered and paid significantly more than Carvana and Vroom.

YMMV. But if you get an offer then share it here.

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Just quoted my '18 Grand Cherokee High Altitude V6 that is getting picked up today by Vroom, $ 36,126. About $1k less than Vroom offered me on Thursday last week though. That was probably the easiest I have ever gotten a quote though! Just filled in what I had and the mileage and got a price, no VIN or personal details needed which is nice.

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They offered me significantly more for my 4XE as well, but deal hasn’t materialized due to some constraints with the CA title.

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Got quoted $38,316 for 2021 Camaro LT1 w/1000 miles,

Vroom offered $32k. Carmax and Carvana refuse to make an offer - they wanna see in person.

Algo offered $38,800

CarBuyer didn’t ask for vin or options either. What’s funny is, if I put 5k miles the offer is $37.5k

What is YMMV stands for?

Try Autonation, no other dealer could come close to what they offered for my Camaro.

YMMY - your mileage may vary - aka each person may have a different experience (aka check it out for yourself, don’t take my word for it)

PS - they couldn’t give me a quote for the 4xe for some reason. They said they would follow up.

On the 2019 7 series they offered $100 more than the highest offer I had previously received from autonation,vroom,carvana,etc. though not enough to convince me to sell.


Got quoted 52.8 on a M3 LR, caravana offered 48…quite a range

Out the door price at the time of lease was 50k after all order fees, destination fees, etc…

Has anyone sold to them? Got a great offer for my 4XE from them.

Trying to go with their offer as we speak. I’ll keep you posted.

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Quoted me 35k for my MSRP 33.8k 2021 Chevy Blazer with <100 miles. 2k better than anyone else.

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They quoted me 51k for my 4xE. I’m waiting to see what ALgo comes back at. If it’s lower than that I’ll probably go with CarBuyer.

They had offered $57k for my 4XE with an original sticker is $60k. When I decided to move forward, here is the response I got:

“I spoke to my pricing team and they said the algorithm priced the vehicle wrong on our website.” Updated offer of 51k.


What a scam they run. Had my in person visit to inspect car. He came to my house and spent 40 minutes with my 2019 tundra trd pro. My truck is cermamic coated showroom new with 16k miles. Carbuyer usa offered 56,448. The appraiser could find nothing wrong and compliment how clean it was especially underneath. Appraiser leaked a ton of fluid with his car so i then had to clean that up.

A few hours later William calls me. He offers me 55k. They have zero intention of ever offering their full price offer. I told him no thanks. After rambling for 5 minutes he offers 56k. I told him id think about it.

He then tries convincing me that banks are charging a 500.00 fee to buy my truck and thats why he wants it for 56k and not the initial offer. its not a lease. What a scam stay far away.

Went to carmax a little bit ago and sold it for 57k.


Bait and switch - offered 57k for the 4xe, asked me to get a payoff letter from CCAP for them, then told me 51.5k is their offer.


I’ll report back my experience. My Blazer is literally brand new, so there should be no way they can wiggle out of the offer they gave me ($35.6k for a $33.8k MSRP Blazer that has a $2,500 rebate on the hood to boot. Lol)

60k 4xe with 250 miles, they offered 57, and then said where did you get that number from, our offer is 51.5k … lol

If they offer me any less than $34k I’m just gonna dump it off at CarMax for $33k then.

Interesting review I found for CarBuyerUSA on Google:

Recently sold my Tesla Model Y to CarBuyerUSA. I am going to leave the review I would have wanted to see. Overall the process was pretty simple, however, it took longer than expected and communication was lacking. Essentially what happens is CarBuyer gives you an offer which is an estimate (plus whatever their fee is) of what they believe they can sell the car for at wholesale auction. After you receive the estimate offer they send someone to your house (in my case) to inspect vehicle and take pictures to put your car up for actual auction. The car receives bids and at that point CarBuyer will come back to you with a revised offer based on true market results. For me this was about $1k less than originally quoted but still significantly more competitive than Vroom, CarMax or any of the other big car buyers. If you agree to the sale they will coordinate picking the car up and shipping to the buyer (which in my case was a Lexus dealer in the Midwest where it will likely be sold for a few bucks more). Will note that once the purchase agreement was signed I was paid immediately via wire. Many of the negative reviews are a result of the lack of transparency of how they operate. A couple of recommendations for CarBuyer: 1) update website and marketing materials as they are not professional, lack consistency and look predatory with blog posts targeted at seniors 2) have much more transparency with how the process works (people will not mind knowing what is happening on the back end if they are potentially receiving top dollar for their cars) 3) fix lack of communication

Just a fun fact that I found while researching the company is the founder of CarBuyerUSA is an ex Manheim VP.

When is your inspection?