Sold one to Bidlane

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that Jose at Bidline Irvine is beating most offers.

Car sold:
2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+
6.5k miles

$48300 Bidlane
$48000 Carmax
$47237 Mycarauction
$46800 GetmetheVin
$45000 Carvana
$44000 Vroom
$42000 Shift
$42000 Autonation

The whole process was seamless and only took about 30 minutes from the inspection to getting my check and walking out the door.

good god… thats higher than MSRP right for the SR+.


Can you share what the specs of your car were? Year, trim, miles?

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Didn’t Tesla just outlaw 3rd party buyouts?

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Sold my Model 3 to Bidlane as well! Did the Burbank location; they offered $47,500. Thankfully I requested the third-party buyout packet right before Tesla Finance’s change in policy.

Autonation offered $36,500 lol.


What was your year and mileage?

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Has anyone sold to Bidlane in CA. lately? Was at their office for physical inspection for appraisal. I think they only buy cars, not sell them. Thought that was interesting.

On their website it says they will beat any physical inspection offer or pay $500. Anyone ever got the $500? :rofl:


Anyone know if they accept bank released title (so I don’t have to pay tax)?

They refused to pay the $500 for failing to beat an offer from driveway because the driveway offer was an online offer. :roll_eyes:

It is pretty clear in the fine print of that offer that competing offers require a physical inspection.

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I had an offer from a local dealership and Bidlane didn’t even give me an offer cause they probably couldn’t beat it. The $500 is bogus marketing.

Anyone experience Bidlane bouncing checks, not paying off the lease for a long time, or not sending the wire for a long time?

Doesn’t buy leases is what they emailed me.

So did Bidlane take your car and then emailed you that they don’t buy out leases?

Got an offer from their website, then replied to their email to confirm offer and set up appointment, and they emailed back saying they don’t buy leases.