Selling my lease not an option for me right?

I’m a a bit of newbie and never sold a lease, but I see many people are doing this due to the current market conditions.

I got a 2018 bmw 330e with 35k miles and it’s due to be returned at the end of the month.

When I look in my bmw account, it says Total Lease Payoff: $31,576.14

When I look on the contract, it says Residual Value: $29,100.00

And when I fill out my info on selling sites …
like vroom, (inputting excellent cond) it says "Your price is $25,805"

Would you say this means I shouldn’t waste my time looking into selling? because it looks like I have no equity in this car?

Appreciate your insight hackers!

The second value includes sales tax (I’m pretty sure). Check what BMW dealers are offering you as a trade. Contact a few dealers in the radius you’re willing to drive and send them your info and for bonus points, pics of the car. Get some offers negotiate and see if you can squeeze any value out of your 330e.

Vroom and Carvana’s algos are wonky at best. So it’s not best to simply one and done. Hit at least a small variety of dealers and online services because if you have equity you can save on lease return costs.

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You’re looking for


But keep in mind only a handful of third parties accept lessor-released titles

As @HersheySweet mentioned you can sell to a BMW store without first buying the car, but don’t expect them to pay what the third parties will.

Each ‘buyer’ has a sweet car they want. So you went to 1 place? Don’t you know the rule of 3 quotes for anything? Now if all 3 quotes stink, then yes, return or extend your lease.

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