Sold one to DRIVEWAY.COM

Found this. Please share Your experience here.

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Just checked them on a few cars…they were low on all of them compared to all the others out there (vroom, carvana, rodo,etc)

I did check my cars. For my zip driveway is in line with Carmax and Carvana. Vroom is is like $1k higher

From what I can see, vroom is higher everywhere these days, LOL. Getting them to follow through may be another matter😢

Going through the selling process with Driveway and Vroom right now. Vroom is non responsive. You have to constantly call them for updates. Their email system is not functional…I emailed the payoff 4 times and “never received it” is the response.

I set an appointment with Driveway. We’ll see how that goes. The process so far has been much better since you have a dedicated rep texting back and forth.

Just did a quote for my Kona and Driveway is $2K less than CarMax.

Driveway said they are all booked till July. Set an appointment for mid July and was told the quoted number is good till then as long as I don’t put more than 10,000 miles on the car. Too good to be true?

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FYI, this concern is a front for LITHIA MOTORS.


Their offer is 3k higher than everyone else. I guess if they are as big as Autonation then it should be less risky? Has anyone sold to driveway?

Looking to sell vehicle…received quotes from Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, etc.
Driveaway was highest by several thousand dollars.

Called/emailed for follow up and in two days, no response. So that’s no promising.
Asking if anyone’s had experience with them?

I found Driveway, but not Driveaway. Which did you mean? If the latter, do you have a website link? How did you come across them?

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sorry…you are correct…

they came up as car buying option when researching Carvana, Vroom, etc.

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have an pick up appointment with Driveway this week, will let you know how it goes.

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thanks 911i3…would appreciate it. Had to call /email several times for response. Finally have remote inspection appt on July 8th.

Ha my original appointment was on July 8th but they moved it earlier.

Process is super easy. Inspection, paperwork took 10 minutes. Their offer was higher than everybody else.

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thx for the update. Glad it went smooth.

Put in my info on like new Truck and received " we need to see you and your vehicle:…NOT!


after 18 calendar days my loan still hasn’t been paid off by Driveway.
According to CA Vehicle Code - VEH § 11709.4, dealer shall pay off the lessor in 21 calendar days.
When I contacted them they kept saying a supervisor will follow up but it never happened after numerous attempts.

What are the penalties for violating the vehicle code?

Just wanted to add my experience with
Bait and switch. Would not recommend to anyone. They gave me a price on my used BMW (not a lease) which was higher then the competitiors. But then they started BS-ing me around that they only have 2 inspectors, my inspection would be 15 days away. Then when i called back to see if they can move inspection sooner they they said they have to requote my vehicle…of course lower. Lower than vroom and carvana.
I would avoid!

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Sold my Mercedes lease to them.
They were 2k higher than anyone else.

I also had the 14 day waiting period. (Not sure why)

After that it went super smooth.

Paperwork sent overnight, and they came to pick up the car the next day.

After 2 days lease was paid off and equity balance was wired to me.

Good experience overall