Rodo (Formerly Honcker) discussion/reviews

I received the following email this morning (that is Honcker’s subject line and not my own), so I thought I would pass it along.

On another note, I can now delete the app from my phone. I am certain Honcker is a beautiful way to lease for many, and I may use it in the future, but the deal I signed in late December, was $100+ better than what was offered via the app at the time (now $200 better). I find the prices “OK,” but have never been shown or presented with a zero DAS as others have reported. It may be a regional thing as I have only read that on the east coast. The best I was offered as a down was first month’s payment (when the ability to change the down was still an option in the app - and it then increased the monthly by a great deal).

Anyway, just thought some might like to know.


Concept is very good, execution is awful


I had a feeling this would get moved. It is not an issue, but I went through the categories and “Share Deals & Tips” appeared to be the best place for this (it is, after all, a tip). It seemed more appropriate with the explanations than “Off-Ramp” where subjects are, at times, way off-topic.

I suppose the details of summary need to be even more detailed.


Generally speaking, if you add in another party that needs to get paid the price isn’t going to be as competitive.



Can you provide the reason(s) you moved this to a different category? I am trying to figure this out for future postings. It seemed appropriate where it was from the details/descriptions provided under each group.

That section is for lease deals that have been signed.

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Yep they charge $299 per deal.


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Thank you for the response. Is that posted anywhere on the site/forum? The descriptions certainly need a revamp.

You can complain to the site owners if you wish.

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Did not complain, but already suggested.

(Also suggested such changes have to be approved by more than one person)

Again, is the explanation you have posted anywhere on the site or is it a personal choice/interpretation? I follow the rules and certainly would like to know for future reference.

Actually based on the Forums page, “Share you recent deals or Discoveries” @BPitch put it where it belongs based on it being a tip or discovery IMO.

But we seem to be going thru a lot of moderation lately, even though @michael says there are no mods on the forum.


He’s lucky…you were nice. I would’ve moved it into the existing Honcker thread :slight_smile:

I might add that this seems very petty, considering all that was done was a post was moved to a different category. It wasn’t closed. People can still see it.


I am a woman.

And I am not trying to be difficult; I genuinely am baffled (by the action and now, your response). In my opinion, such actions dissuade rather than encourage interaction and regular participation. I did not have to contribute (and I am sure someone else would have eventually shared this new option), but this community is all about helping each other out. All I am attempting to do is that. If you see my inquiry as a problem, that is the problem itself.

There appear to be personal agendas with Trusted Hackrs at times.

However, moving it to an existing Honcker thread would have been fine with me. “You were nice.” Oh, brother lol. So are we now admitting to retaliatory tactics based upon unfavorable interactions?

If a respectful (throughout) inquiry is considered petty, that is a personal opinion. Others might share it, but it is still personal. Not a single attack was made nor was my tone anything other than polite.


Moved to Share Tips & Deals category as this qualifies as a recent discovery. Let’s try to keep this discussion on topic!

I actually have a Honcker experience that I’ll share once I get on a computer and not my phone.


That’s good to know… I always assumed that whatever their deal was I could probably find another 500 in there if I did it myself. I knew there had to be some kind of kickback in there.


This is beneficial information. I had no idea either.

I still think the app can be advantageous for those who want a simple lease process or are concerned about negotiations and getting taken (I have even encountered some good deals). While you will not obtain the best deal you can get with the work and advice that this site offers (of course), it is worth it to many who do not want to deal with the back and forth of a traditional leasing process.

It is an excellent alternative to traditional leasing. Just imagine if those who signed terrible contracts had utilized it.

I am going to check out the website later tonight to see how it compares to the app.


$299 if that’s what they truly charge, is cheaper than many brokers. The difference being, brokers will probably get you a better deal. Disclaimer, all deals will vary.


Exactly: it varies. I have seen good deals on there as well as truly awful. I imagine the Honcker employees do absolutely nothing in terms of negotiation. They just pass on what a dealer offers. The real advantage is that dealers can see what other dealers are offering and compete directly with each other. But when/if only one dealer of a brand in a particular geographic region participates, they have no reason to offer up great deals.

Yep $299 is their number. We are working on the contracts to be on the program. Gonna be my exclusive lead source so i don’t have to share :sunglasses:

With me in control the deals will be good. Not Leasehackr pricing good… but good enough


I wasn’t doubting your claim of the $299 fee, but perhaps they have some back channel fee or something sneaky. $299 doesn’t seem like a lot to run a whole business as this with all the support. Of course I could be wrong. :sunglasses: