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Hi folks,

Here’s our first stab at a brand-specific Wiki. With all the activity on Leasehackr Forum, it’s easy to lose track of the knowledge being shared. The purpose of this Wiki is to be a central repository for all things related to leasing a BMW.

Please feel free to contribute! This is an ongoing document that relies on crowd sourcing our knowledge and experiences.

Expected Discount/Selling Price

This is very generalized information, but discounts vary by location, time, and model. Search for recent transactions. A sedan like the 3-series will likely be discounted more than an SUV, or an all-new, redesigned model.

Money Factor (MF) Information

The baseline MF is set by BMW Financial Services, but a BMW dealership can mark up the MF by up to .0004.

Historic MF Data

Unlike most other brands, the money factor for BMW FS leases is the same regardless of model (with rare exceptions).
09/2019: .00128 MF
05/2019: .00165 MF
03/2019: .00177 MF
01/2019: .00188 MF
10/2018: .00182 MF
05/2018: .00166 MF
01/2018: .00152 MF
03/2017: .00140 MF
12/2016: .00134 MF
09/2016: .00136 MF

Methods to Manipulate the MF

The MF can be manipulated via:

  • Multiple Security Deposits (minus .00005 per MSD, up to a maximum of .00035)
  • a One-pay lease payment (minus .0003)
  • Acquisition Fee waiving (plus .0005)

Multiple Security Deposits (MSD)

With BMW FS, you can reduce your monthly payment by placing multiple security deposits upfront. Unlike a down payment (i.e., a capitalized cost reduction), you get this amount back at lease-end. MSDs work by lowering the money factor (MF) on a lease. MF is essentially the interest rate on a lease; lowering the MF reduces the finance charge you pay.

A security deposit is equal to your monthly payment (including tax) rounded to the nearest $50. A maximum of 7 security deposits are allowed up to a maximum of .00035. Each security deposit lowers the money factor by .00005. MSDs can be a good ROI.

Related thread(s): Downside of MSDs?

One-Pay Lease

You can choose to pre-pay 100% of the lease payment in exchange for an MF decrease of .0003.

Waive Acquisition Fee

The acquisition fee for leases through BMW FS is $925. Dealers can no longer mark it up for additional profit. The acquisition fee can be waived in exchange for an MF increase of .0005, which may be more favorable for shorter lease terms.

Executive and Demo Cars

Exec/Demo cars can be leased and qualify for lease cash, loyalty + recent grad provided an equivalent new model of the same year has lease support from BMWFS. MSDs, USAA and OL codes can also be used, provided the vehicle has less than 5,000 miles. Mileage under 5k is subject to a residual reduction of $0.25/mile less 500 miles. EX: loaner has 5000 miles. Penalty would be 5000 - 500 miles *.25 = $1,125 residual penalty.

If the loaner has > 5,000 miles, there is a further 7% residual drop in addition to the mileage penalty. You will also lose ANY incentives (Lease Cash, USAA, OL Codes, ETC…)

If the loaner has > 7,500 miles, there is a 9% residual drop in addition to the mileage penalty.
You will also lose ANY incentives (Lease Cash, USAA, OL Codes, ETC…)

Corporate/Demo loaners would continue to receive the free maintenance plan for 3 years/36k upon lease inception. However, the clock starts on initial in-service date, NOT the date of you beginning the lease. In other words, if you take a 3/36 term 6 months and 5,000 miles after the car was put into demo service, you would receive 30 months/31k miles of coverage. The same would apply for warranty coverage.


Build Out/Option Credit
Driving Event or OL Code

Corporate Fleet Program

Beginning 1/1/2019, the Corporate Fleet Program has changed.

Corp Fleet is a specified discount off MSRP and it is different on every model. It cannot be combined with any Lease / APR, Conquest or Loyalty Credits. It is also NOT available to customers who currently own a BMW or have owned one in the last 12 months.

Dealerships do not have access to the list of approved companies either. Customers must apply for the Corporate Sales Program (CSP) claim certificate via their employee benefits web portal and present the certificate at time of purchase or factory order. They must also provide a recent paycheck stub from within the last 30 days along with a copy of their vehicle registration.
(Courtesy @BMW_Dave)

European Delivery

ED is less advantageous than before, but it’s a great experience and good for those who want to custom order their BMW.



BMW adjusted their maintenance program from 2017 model years to be less beneficial. While it still includes free basic servicing it only covers 3 years or 36k miles and no longer covers items like brakes. Reference:

Ultimate Care and Ultimate Care+ can be purchased to reduce cost of servicing beyond the 3 year or 36k mile period for higher mileage leases. Reference:

F&I Add-Ons

Excess Wear and Tear
Wheel and Tire Insurance


BMW Car Club of America provides a means for members to obtain a post-sale rebate from the purchase or lease of new cars under 1,000 miles. Loaners are not applicable. Rebates range from $250 to $1,500 based on model. Individuals who purchase a club membership of three or more years will now immediately qualify for the Membership Reward Rebate Program. A 3 year membership costs $134.00.

To obtain membership, and to learn more about the rebates, and the club please click the link below:

Disposition Fee

BMW FS charges a disposition fee of $350 for all leases. This fee is waived if you lease or finance a vehicle through BMW FS within 6 months of your prior BMW lease finishing.

Unused Mileage Credit

BMW will offer a mileage credit in certain circumstances if you are under your contractual mileage. The credit should be added to your FS account upon leasing a new vehicle.

Percent of Contractual Miles not Utilized

Credit Offered for Unused Mileage

Example: If you have a 2 year/20k lease, and you used 18k miles, you would receive a $200 credit.

Should you ground the car early, this lease credit would not apply.

NOTE: There have been reports of individuals having to reach out to BMWFS to apply the credit. Please keep your eyes on your account to ensure the credit was issued, should you be eligible.

Lease Transfers

BMW allows lease transfers at any point prior to the final 6 months of the lease term. The lease transferral fee is $500, $400 of which is returned if the application is rejected. Due to the nature of financial companies being risk averse, most will require the prospective lessee to have very good credit.

Lease transfers can be a good way of getting a good value short term lease, however they do come with downsides:

  • The new lessee takes full responsibility for any damage or liability on the vehicle. A professional inspection would be one way to mitigate the risk involved.
  • MSDs are not returned by BMW until the end of the lease so would need to be resolved between the original lessee and the new lessee.
  • Standard free maintenance does not transfer to the new lessee. BMW Ultimate Care paid maintenance can be transferred to the new lessee.
  • Lease transfers can take weeks to complete.

Alternative Financial Products - Owners Choice (for TX, GA, IL)

BMW has a special financial product for Texas, Georgia and Illinois called Owners Choice which is similar to a balloon loan but with the advantages of a lease. It was intended to circumvent the issues related to customers potentially paying double tax on a lease and then taxed again on the vehicle buyout. Owners Choice puts the vehicle registration under the customers name to avoid the double taxation, this means for PHEV’s that have not been registered that the customer can benefit from the Federal and State tax rebates creating some of the best deals possible.


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Hi Michael,
May be this needs to be updated. OL aka Driving Event Certs are applicable on loaners is what was confirmed by BmwDave.


  • Residual hit over 5k + 7.5k
  • MF Adjustment for MSDs
  • Updated Corporate Fleet Program details
  • Added OL + USAA to available Incentives
  • Added Euro Delivery link
  • Added BMWCCA info

Thanks to @bmw_dave who laid out the new Corp Fleet rules back in Jan in his thread.

I’m also going to move all of the old questions to the landfill to make this easier to read. No offense to anyone’s post that I moved, however, many of the questions are old and outdated anyways, and in an effort to make this post easier to read, I felt they should be moved.

I’m also going to leave @MConte05 's historical 3 series data simply as a data point.


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Does BMW College grad extend to the graduate’s household? I feel like it only applies to the graduate, but I wanted to make sure.

College Grad is only applicable to the Graduate. They have to be on the contract as the main or co. Of all the incentives College grad is the most strict. I’ve had to jump though so many hoops and have had college grad turned down often because BMW financial services goes FBI when it comes to college grad!

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Is it possible to lease two cars with College Grad incentive? I’ve seen mixed answers on this

@michael For the unused mileage credit, it turned out you have to lease a new BMW/MINI 2 months prior or within 6 months your lease return. The credit has to be applied to your new account. I returned a MINI earlier this month and was expecting to see the credit applying to my end of term charges. I called MINI FS today and told them to apply it to the new BMW account under my wife’s name. Otherwise, we wouldn’t receive any credit for unused mileage.

I would think the answer would be yes. I have done it with Toyota for sure.

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This post is awesome! Lord knows I was lost on the forum thank you!!

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get dealers to remove acquisition fees?

Is there a link with the explanation or qualification for each incentive?

They’ll remove it but it’ll cost additional interest. (50 basis points)

Worth it when you hack cheaper loaners practically down to nothing. (20% or more before incentive) and are using a shorter term like 24mos.

Totally lost I’m sorry :pensive:

Will the additional interest it cost be rolled into the monthly?

I’m really hoping to get a demo/loaner - can you please explain that part ?

If buy MF is .00150 (this is just an example), dropping the acquisition will raise this to .00200.

This is only worth it on shorter terms where the difference between RV and sell price/incentives is lower than average.

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Okay thank you

I’m being told by a dealer that BMW will not allow pre-payment of the acquisition fee without increasing the money factor by 10 basis points. It seems that the dealer is confusing waiving the acquisition fee with prepaying it, but perhaps someone here can confirm whether pre-payment without an increase in the MF is available with BMW?

That’s my first time hearing that one. Obviously it’s not true.

Thanks! They also didn’t know about MSDs and had to confirm that with BMW as well.

If you pay $925 upfront then you pay 925 upfront, doesn’t really matter if it is acq few or not.

ok, thanks, that makes sense. I guess I got caught up with the pre-pay button on the leasehackr calculator.