Instructions on how to get a BMW OL incentive - 2020 Ultimate Drive Events UDE

UPDATED 2/26/20

OL codes can be obtained by participating in BMW Ultimate Drive Events.


Notes on using OL codes:

  • Dealer participation varies. Non-participating dealers may apply an equivalent discount when you mention the OL code. It’s subject to dealer discretion and we aren’t sure how or when OL codes are being generated
  • OL codes can be used on new vehicles. Some dealers may not accept them on loaners
  • Some dealers will apply $500 or $1,000 as dealer discount when you mention the OL code
  • I’m hearing OL codes in most cases can’t be stacked with USAA or Fleet, but this isn’t guaranteed
  • In some cases, dealers will only offer $500 of the $1,000 (we’re hearing that $500 of the code is a BMW NA rebate and the other $500 comes as a dealer discount). Per @BMW_Dave, OL codes must be provided so the dealer can look them up in their system to confirm validity and apply the $500 BMW NA contribution.

I haven’t seen that link work on the west coast…

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It’s possible it no longer does. I’m not sure. If not, then west coasters are out of luck for the time being.

Arguably the west coast, particularly SoCal, already has more than a $1k leg up on Bimmer deals based on number of dealers alone.

I wouldn’t shed too many tears for us.

As an aside, get yourself on as many BMW dealer mailing lists as possible if’n you wanna be tipped off to events that yield OL codes.

I’ve pocketed three of them by virtue of being on Irvine BMW mailing list. Have yet to use one . . .

Not working for me on Long Beach, Crevier or Irvine bmw websites (from mobile device).

Are the OL codes person-specific? Or can a code be given by someone who doesn’t plan to use it?

If so, I’d love one if anyone has an extra!

tried 20+ dealers, none worked…

Didn’t work for me either

There are 14 clicks on your link, congrats! I still believe that people are smarter than this though :smirk:


Is the OL code a taxed or untaxed incentive? Can’t find that info anywhere.

Some of us went to Cornell :slight_smile:


Did you click?

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Nah, I was wrong. It’s up to 32.

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I keep clicking the link but it doesn’t give me $1000

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You can’t just click the link…you should probably reread the information prior to the link.

How is this valid after 3/16? I’ve found at least 2 east coast dealerships that have this page up, but all that’s there is either the same text as your screenshot, or a signup dialog, but no code.

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Congrats again - you earned the “Popular Link” badge LOL

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Over 60 times but it still doesn’t work!!!

You’re not clicking hard enough! Maybe try another mouse?