New features to make the forum more productive

Some of you may notice subtle changes to the site from time to time. At Leasehackr, we make and experiment with incremental changes, often quietly, to improve the user experience as our audience evolves. Once in a while, we sum up notable features that we think would be helpful for you to know. Here is one such announcement!


Table of Contents

We implemented the Table of Contents feature to add some structure to longer original posts (OPs) such as those in FAQ (e.g., Mercedes Fleet Discount / Other Incentives WIKI - FAQ and BMW Leasing Wiki - FAQ) and Meta (e.g., Marketplace Guidelines - Meta and this post you are reading now). The TOC feature might also be helpful for sellers who advertise multiple brands and models in one long OP. To make a table of contents for your posts, insert it by clicking the wrench in your composer toolbar and mark your headings following the Markdown syntax:

# heading 1
## heading 2
### heading 3
#### heading 4
##### heading 5
###### heading 6


You can now add gifs directly from your composer toolbar too!

Happy So Excited GIF
(Might not display properly on outdated browsers.)


Do Not Disturb

As many of you are using Leasehackr for work (cough or at work), you can schedule “do not disturb” as needed, during which you would not receive push notifications or emails regarding new activities:

Change Color Theme

You can easily change your color theme under the hamburger menu (we have disabled Auto Dark Mode in favor of this faster self-selection approach):

Selecting Group Title and Badge

If you belong to multiple groups, you can choose the title and badge of the group you want to display. Go to Preferences >> Account to configure your title and primary group (badge designation).

We ask Brokers and Dealers to select their business title as their default title to avoid confusion.


Cleaner Marketplace Listings

To reduce Marketplace’s clutter, we are hiding the region, service type, and vehicle types tags on Marketplace listings for regular users. This way, shoppers can focus more on the content of your title than the states you tag, which many shoppers have already filtered out using Find A Deal. All the tags are still displayed when users click into your posts. Please continue to tag appropriately so shoppers can find your deal.

Making Seller Storefront More Prominent

We are highlighting the seller of each Marketplace thread so the seller is more identifiable. On desktop, the seller is identified under the Seller column in Marketplace, Seller Reviews, and Find A Deal results. On mobile, the seller’s avatar is now the default icon to the left of the topic, indicating the topic’s ownership; the latest commenter is indicated on the right.

This means that you no longer need to rely on emojis to stand out (design a memorable avatar instead)! Out of curiosity, did some of you name your business after emojis? How do they match so splendidly?

Mobile Tab Bar [Under Experiment]

We are experimenting with the Mobile Tab Bar for a week to see what you think. We think it provides helpful shortcuts but it does take up some valuable real estate. Feel free to comment on its usefulness or suggest shortcuts that you think would be more helpful.

Thank you all for helping us make this space more productive!


5 minutes in, I love it! One comment, I feel the preferences button is not necessary, it’s not as much as a frequented tool IMO, and I personally feel it should be kept, clearly marked, in the settings area on our profiles rather than as a tab bar item. Nevermind that :+1: awesome job!


My phone battery thanks you for dark mode.


I’ll +1 to dark mode too, makes it easier on the eyes at night. Great feature imo.

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Manually dark mode switching won’t do?

No I did, I can see how people wouldn’t like it in the daytime, but I just turned it on manually. It would be nice though if you could set it to turn on when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises, not sure how complicated that would be.

Similar to a phone blue light filter that activates at 5pm and deactivates at 5am.

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