List of Lenders that Allow for Third-Party Buyouts

As used car prices soar, many lessees are finding that their vehicles are worth considerably more than their current payoff amount. Instead of simply returning the vehicle at lease end, you may be able to sell the vehicle to a third party (such as Carvana, Shift, Vroom, and CarMax) for a profit.

However, some lenders are making it difficult for consumers to access this “lease equity” by charging a higher lease buyout price to third-party buyers than to consumers, or altogether prohibiting third-party buyouts. In such a situation, a consumer would have to take on the onerous task of first buying out the lease before selling the vehicle, which may have tax implications.

Below is a list of lenders, organized by those who do and do not charge a different payoff amount for third-party buyers. Feel free to edit this Wiki directly and include any other insight you may have on the lender.

Lenders that DO NOT Allow Third Parties to Purchase Vehicle PERIOD*

  • Acura Financial Services
  • BMW Financial Services - @HersheySweet 7/22/21
  • Ford Credit - @reddv1 7/13/21
  • GM Financial
  • Honda Financial Services - @AutoNinjas 7/8/21 (effective 7/14/21)
  • Hyundai Motor Finance - @mrshowtime3 11/30/21
  • INFINITI Financial Services - @Biftikhar1989 6/18/21
  • Kia Motors Finance - @mrshowtime3 11/30/21
  • Lincoln Automotive Financial Services - @reddv1 7/13/21
  • MINI Financial Services
  • Nissan Motor Acceptance Company
  • Southeast Toyota Finance - @reddv1 7/13/21
  • Volvo Car Financial Services - @jeisensc 9/18/21
  • Tesla Finance
  • Credit Union Leasing of America - RVguy 6/15/21

*Except for participating dealers or through Equityhackr.

Lenders that DO Charge a Different Payoff to Third Parties*

  • Audi Financial Services
  • VW Credit
  • Ally, US Bank, GroovCar, and CAL

*Note some lenders do not charge participating dealers a higher payoff, so it may be worth exploring selling your leased car to a participating dealer or through Equityhackr.

Lenders that DO NOT Charge a Different Payoff to Third Parties*

  • Chrysler Capital - Eastcoastguy 6/15/21 (not within 60 days of lease end)
  • Jaguar Land Rover Financial (Chase Bank) - ethanrs 6/15/21
  • Lexus Financial Services
  • Mazda Capital Services (Chase Bank) - michael 6/15/21
  • Mazda Financial Services
  • Porsche Financial Services - Rulnick 6/24/21
  • Subaru Motors Finance (Chase) - manku 6/18/21
  • Toyota Financial Services
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services - JamesW 7/14/22

*Note some lenders do not allow third-party buyouts during the final month(s) of the lease.

This list is based on community submissions and is subject to change at any time. THIS LIST IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR CONTACTING YOUR LENDER TO CONFIRM.


GM Financial and Hyundai Motor Finance (Kia) do not charge more for 3rd party as of (06/15/2021)
Source - Me (the best Kia and Chevrolet Finance Manager in the USA)


Chase (JLRFG) also does not charge more for 3rd party (06/15/2021) You have it listed as Mazda but may want to add JLRFG

Source - Me (Best former JLR salesperson in the USA)


Chrysler capital (chrysler, jeep, dodge, ram) charges same amount

Toyota and Lexus Financial charge the same amount


Mercedes Financial also gave a non-mercedes dealer same payoff.


May be worth adding a note since TFS is now the lender for Mazda

BMW Financial charges the same amount (from personal experience)

One small thing with Cal Auto - the dealer where you leased the vehicle from gets the same buy out as the customer. Any other dealer/third party gets the jacked up number.

Chase also does Subaru. My payoff was 2k higher (thru the chase app) versus what Algo got when they called chase directly.

This sentence now appears at the bottom of “Payoff Information” for my BMW:

Please Note: This payoff is intended for you. This payoff will not be honored if sent in by a third party dealership.

I don’t recall ever seeing that before!

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I just talked to BMW Financial a few days ago regarding this and they told me it’s the same amount but perhaps this is updated on newer leases? (Mine is from September of 2020 so not that old but I guess recently things may have changed?)

I’ll confirm though to be sure.

It’s been on there for quite a while

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VCFS has a different payoff for Volvo dealers and 3rd-party dealers (which is just the customer payoff). Other LH forum members have been able to sell their cars to CarMax using the customer payoff.

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Great idea, and thanks for starting this (timely) list.

I have a virtual appraisal with ALgo in a couple hours for a family member’s leased 2018 AWD Stinger with only 8600 miles (medical issues forced him to basically stop driving)…let’s see how it goes!

Toyota does not charge too

Honda financial services doesn’t charge. They gave Enterprise car sales the dealer payoff which is less than customer payoff.

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Ok, that makes me feel better. Perhaps just there to give them the option, but currently not applicable.

I confirmed with BMW FS that they added this language recently because some of their payoffs include the sales tax depending on the state (which would be included if the consumer was buying the car), whereas the third party dealer payoff would not include the sales tax because they are an authorized reseller and can pass off the tax to the next consumer. For a lease in CA, for example, the payoff to the consumer and a third party dealer would be exactly the same because sales tax would not be included in the payoff due to the 10-day period that exists in CA. So the language about the payoff being intended for the consumer only vs. a third party dealer is for tax implications - not necessarily a different buyout amount.


Even better!