First lease ending soon, Excess Wear Exterior - Autovin

Hello i need some advises on an inspection from Autovin, they said that i have 900$ Chargeable Excess Wear (it’s just exterior)

I will not get a new Hyundai with them, so i need to know if it’s normal to pay this amount for something like that…
The car is like new and i have use just the half if mileage…
The dealer have not said anything yet as the return date is on October.

Any advise ?

$900 is what the bank will charge you if you don’t fix it. Take the car to a few body shops, get estimates and fix for less.


The mileage has nothing to do with the scratch you are being charged for, and the dealer has nothing to say about your disposition.

As @Ursus said you have time now to get estimates and have it repaired before disposition. If not, $900 :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I will fix these scratch before and get the recipe as i think they will need it ^^

You can also try selling the car without fixing the scratch which could be financially better option instead of fixing and returning the car.

how can i sell the car ? The owner on the paper is the financial institution, not me.
I have missed something ?

HFS does not allow third-party buyouts currently

Unless OP wants to purchases themselves and resell

Buff out the 2nd pic (should be like $45) and first pic, pay unless you have a $0 deductible.

Depending on the bank you can sell a leased car to a dealer. See @jeisensc post below. You can sell the car to a Hyundai dealer or buy the car and sell to a 3rd party dealer. Some dealers will accept lessor released title (i.e. Mycarauction, car trackers, car stub etc. who are based on CA) in which case you can sell the car within 10 days without paying any sales tax. There are plenty of posts about this.

Must be tough to sell your can in 10 days, unless you find a buyer before paying off your car. That buyer can backout anytime too?

It’s $225 per scratch. Wonder why it’s $900?
got a pic of the AutoVin report?

With a scratch like that the car isn’t “like new”


In this market most likely not but there is already a possibility that private buyer can back out anytime. Normally dealer quote is good for a week and certain number of miles. My comment was especially for selling directly to a 3rd party dealer instead of private buyer. People who previously reported selling the car to private buyers (within 10 days window) mentioned that they sold to people they knew.

Thanks everyone for your help.
I have discussed with a garage shop, and they will fix everything with a bill for 400$ .
I think i will go with this solution.


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