Helping me get my girlfriend out of her Mercedes Benz GLE350 lease

The relationship part is not my business but make sure to find a car/deal before selling the GLE.

Did you ever discuss this with her btw? Tell her you will sell the car and buy/lease her X car. See what she says as a response.

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What’s the current payoff?

You should have gotten an email from autonation about the next steps. Basically you need to take your car to a automation dealership where they’ll inspect the car, take pictures, and upload to their central system. They may re-adjust the price based on damage. If the registration is your gf’s name you need to take her with you. Autonation dealership will also call MBFS to get the payoff amount and she needs to give her consent. If everything looks fine, you sign paperwork and get a check for excess amount leaving the car at the dealership.

Edit: also for MBFS you need to get the 3rd party dealer payoff quote which MBFS will only give that directly to the dealer. The dealer payoff quote can be different than your own payoff quote depending on sales tax, security deposit etc.

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Yes. Normally you have some sort of offer code, or something. I got an email with a barcode I took in. But yeah, their website should describe what to do.

This is critical though not only due to sales tax, security deposit etc but some banks adds “market adjustments” to dealers which can be thousands. I just asked for “dealer payoff” for my lease ( Fusion Auto / Credit Union are the captive/lender) and dealer quote is about $7K more than my own.
I don’t know about MBFS though.

Yes, some lenders charge extra and list is being compiled here: List of Lenders that Charge Third-Party Buyers a Higher Payoff. For my case MBFS didn’t add any market adjustment price.

Although both MB and 4Xe looks good, they are both problematic cars based on my past experiences…
Like the Jaguar Land Rovers - they look great, perform well off road, but I would not buy one for dependability…

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Does anyone else feel like this whole post is red flags? How does someone work in the auto industry and not know how to sell a car, etc? Also, you should probably have your girlfriend do this. Does she want to sell the car? Has she decided on what car she wants?

I realize you are looking out for finances, but your girlfriend is her own person. Plus you are not married so I wouldn’t pay for a car or put it in my name.


When you are wearing rose-tinted glasses, they just look like any other flag.


Sell it to whoever gives you the best price.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 80th Anniversary are leasing well…

Seems legit to me. If you sell used cars and only buy used cars you’re not going to know much about leasing. Understandable he doesn’t know about MF, 3rd party buyouts, extracting equity, etc. OP didn’t walk into a lease uninformed, he is trying to help someone else who is uninformed and OP is trying to learn.


Now THAT is quotable. I will borrow that one for future use!

Wish I could say I came up with it myself!

Yikes! lol.

Buying, selling, and renting cars is COMPLETELY different than leasing. A lot of those leasing terms I have literally never heard in my life after working at Enterprise as a manager overlooking a 200 car fleet.

I am sure I could run circles price wise around anyone looking to get a good price on a rental vehicle for a vacation rental that arent common knowledge or even really available on the internet in forums.

Leasing is a whole different animal that I was never exposed to really ever even though I worked in the car industry for a long time. Enterprise rents, sells, buys, does maintenance, does repairs, works with body shops, works with dealerships, works with auto service centers, etc, etc. I cant remember an encounter with someone where I dealt with someone leasing a vehicle that would pertain to selling a leased vehicle.

Selling a leased vehicle where you are trying to get some money back is completely different than taking in a vehicle on a trade, or financing a purchase.

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Yet you still put a lot of energy and effort into convincing a bunch of people on a leasing forum how good at these completely different things you are.

There’s good advice in this thread! I hope you’re able to make use of some of it to help with your current lease-related situation.


And this is why this site exists.


Just thinking out loud here, but I feel like the risk/reward here is not something I would want to take.

You are going to get her out of a Mercedes, that she wanted, and into a lower end car. Probably a lot lower end, because of the current market.

What is the reward? You saved her some money over the next few months? The risk is that you don’t have a girlfriend soon.

Unless she is very much complaining about this car, I would let this lease play out. I would guess you would take a poorer girlfriend over no girlfriend in this situation.

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To be fair, while one could always sell a leased vehicle, it was never “a thing” until recently when the used car market skyrocketed. Bottom line- the best way to mitigate the overall cost of her ownership is by offloading this car to Autonation it seems. But be prepared to downgrade and overpay on the next car now regardless of your knowledge and experience in that arena.

Can’t disagree with the above statement.

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How does she feel about a Jeep :joy:

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