Coming up on lease turn in. First time advice

So I leased a 2020 Tacoma and got a great deal from a broker on here. Shoutout Jim! Anyways first time leasing and I did a 2 year 12k miles a year lease. It’s going to be up in a couple months and bank is already asking me what I want to do. My question is not in relation to buying as I want to get another lease. My question is I am currently at 9k miles with about 4 months left. So I am not hitting 24k does that effect anything on turn in. I plan on going through the same broker of course but have never turned in a lease and don’t know what happens if under miles. Thank you.

There’s no reason you should be turning this in vs selling it if it’s through tfs

Do not turn in.

There’s barely any inventory with “reasonable” price.

Extend your lease if TFS will allow.

Also, if not, then sell & use the cash on next lease.

It’s through usbank not Toyota

Still might be a chance to buy & then sell.

My 2020 taco is being quoted 10% more than MSRP.

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Interesting. I thought my buyout price is what is on the contract of signing the lease. Like a pre determined value. Interesting tho what your saying is my Tacoma could be worth more than the buyout price on my contract? But your saying I should buy it then sell it and make profit? Could I just turn it in and roll the difference into another lease?

No it doesn’t work that way.


Few hoops to jump thru.

Buy it out at the price quoted in contract, pay sales tax, fees. & Then sell it to pocket the diff.

Readup on the forum many threads talking about it.

You can talk to Jim too just to see if his dealer network has some better quicker options.

Thank you! Did not know that was a thing.

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Ford offered me $2500 equity for my Edge on another lease. Carmax will pay me $7850 more than my Purchase Option Price. I will buy it and sell it to Carmax

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