Nissan not letting me sell to CarMax

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Our lease in NYC for the Nissan rogue will be over at the end of the month. As I’ve seen people successfully sales other lease and leave with money on top of the buyout, I thought we should do the same. CarMax told to ask Nissan if they will allow, I’ve called and “they do not sale to third party dealerships”. Any ideas how to get around it without buying the car? Thanks!

You can buy it out yourself and sell it. You will need to pay sales tax.

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Or you can sell to a nissan dealership


Any good tips for handling this process? I just got a quote from Carmax that’s almost $5000 higher than my lease buyout for my Pathfinder. Is it just as simple as telling the dealership you want to sell them the lease and finding out how much they’ll give?

Yes start there. Tell them you want them to buyout your lease. With current shortage, most dealers are happy to oblige.

List of Lenders that Charge Third-Party Buyers a Higher Payoff

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So is that list saying that Nissan Motor Acceptance Company doesn’t even let the Nissan dealership buy it? Not sure if the Nissan dealership is considered a 3rd party to Nissan Finance.

Nmac will allow you to sell it to a Nissan or Infiniti dealer or you can buy it out and sell it to whomever you want.


And in pay sales tax when you buy it out, so don’t forget to factor that in.

To answer you OP directly, there is NO getting around selling your card to a third party without buying it out yourself.


Thank you all for replying! Yes, it’s kind of “impossible” to sell the car without buying as I’ve been making calls and searching. To add salt to injury Nissan charges insanely high dealer fees at buyout as an FU.

However I did find some kind of a solution I would like your feedback on:
I know a lease broker that can cut me a check for significantly less than other car dealerships (carmax,carvana, etc…). however, i would not have to go through the process of buying out the lease, dealing with Nissan dealerships, and then reselling. So for these reasons, I am considering working with the broker even if the lower profit. But I’m a little cautious of where I’ll be standing with Nissan if going this route. When I asked the broker about the process of end of lease paperwork, I was told he will take care of it all and I would not have to deal with paperwork. Has anyone dealt with this before or have any insight? Thanks

That only works if the broker has a relationship with a Nissan dealer that is handling the buy out. They should be able to answer if thats what’s going on.

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The same dealership I got my Pathfinder from said they could do $24000, my buyout amount is $19,900. Waiting for them to give me some numbers on the new Pathfinder and Rogue to see if I want to lease another Nissan or take the money and get into a different brand.

Saying they “could” do $24K, might depend on how much more they can make on the new lease. Not sure they’ll give you $5+ only for you to go elsewhere snd get the car. Ideally you want to separate the transactions to see the true value of the equity. All the best

Do they also make you pay a dealer fee?

My buddy wants to buy out a Murano at lease end to keep, not to flip, Nissan is insisting he has to go through a dealership to do it, can’t pay it off online or on phone. Was thinking maybe they do it like that to collect a dealer fee

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Probably - they aren’t a charity

I’m in NJ and I used @stellarauto. He was very prompt and responsive. He did everything. I worried about the whole thing but at the end it worked out very well. I got my equity payment same day the car was picked up. My lease was paid off 2 weeks later.

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