Help with Selling to Vroom - Lease

I just did a quote for my car on Vroom, and they offered about 5k more than what my lease payout is, I’ve searched for videos/post etc. and I can’t really find a guide on how to do this properly. Questions like “Are you the owner of this vehicle?” and under “Auto Loan Information” Do I just put the information for the leasing company?

Sorry, not going to happen. Vroom stopped buying out leases a month ago. Carmax and Carvana are still buying leases from some banks, but there’s a growing list of brands they are no longer doing buyout deals on anymore. Which brand are you trying to sell?

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Yeah, I just saw that now when I tried to search, it’s a Honda I might do the pay-off myself and just sell it to vroom

HFS doesn’t allow third party sales to anyone

Don’t forget to consider sales tax on the buyout in your cost/benefit calculation.

There is a whole thread about “Sold one to Vroom”, & just by searching vroom you’ll get bunch of threads.

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