Dodge Challenger SXT: $7,500 in incentives, July 2019 ($186/mo)

Ohh interesting. That’s new. For years, it’s been retail-only bonus cash, but looks like they’ve opened it up to all sales types. I’ll need to look into this.

So has anyone else actually tried to attempt this. So far I’ve had 3 different sales guys stop responding to me as soon as I tell them I’m not coming in for few days or ask for any kind of numbers. Teo texted me back but also wants me to come in ASAP :roll_eyes:.

“I’m shopping from out of town, show me some numbers that will earn my business”

A friend of mine asking for help on challenger RT SCAT pack either std or wide body. What’s the current incentive and %off msrp he should target? Thanks in advance

Incentives on scat packs are very weak right now.

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After being told by everyone that they only deal in person, I stopped by today. Told them I was only interested in the advertised special price. I even had college grad in case I didn’t qualify for all incentives. Sales manager came back proposing $3000 down and $350 a month. For the base SXT. Walked out after that

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Do you get a week with his wife for that?

Yeah that’s a dog shit deal and you were right to walk.

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I have spoken to many dealers in la/oc and bay area. All over the spectrum of whether this deal exists.

From my research this deal is alive and well, dealers are just totally clueless about rebates and ally finance. Avoid huntington Beach dodge as stated above they are scammers and want you to come in.

The trick to this deal is to get either rebate of $7500 if you are in LA or $6500 if you are outside of LA since the extra $1k is based on zip code. Have to go with the lease deal thru ally (some dealers are totally clueless about this) to get this rebate. Money factor and residual are still as stated in the homepage article 55% and 5.5% on sxt. This is contrary to what ally has on their website, which I don’t think is accurate. Don’t let the dealer do any markup on this.

The other key trick is to get a proper dealer discount. $2k seems standard, $3k if you negotiate, more if you are lucky. Some dealers have a ton of these. I will post my deal once I have the keys.

Another thing I learned in this process is that the rebate is taxable in California. This makes no sense but I guess Cali wants their taxes. This is a decent amount 9% on $7500 which gets incorporated into the lease.

Another thing I learned is dealers are clueless about $0 drive off. Some say absolutely not, others are no problem. It really depends on your credit and ally. Dealers getting involved in this process is annoying.

Anyways the challenger seems like a great car for the price so before the end of month I encourage you to buy one. I went with the black top add on which is around $1k but I think worth it for what you get.


Thanks for the detailed post. Hopefully it helps others close a deal.

Got an insane deal.

$4500 dealer discount plus the $6500 incentive.

What make it even better was they tried to charge for an acquisition fee ($895) turns out ally has no acq fee and there is nothing in the agreement about a disposition fee.

Also note the better money factor, this must have no markup unlike the homepage deal.

I believe I got lucky because this dealer in nor cal has no cars on the lot (some insurance change where they had to move all cars off the lot) except this challenger which wasn’t the color I wanted but it had black top and insane price. So I bought a car without them having any cars to sell.

The best deal except this one I could find was $3k off dealer discount in the oc.

Without leasehackr this would not have been possible. Thanks!


Very nicely done @Charlieo!

Anyone in the Bay Area or very close by able to get this deal?

Yes read my prior posts.

Ok, happened to pull an actual certificate and it says:
" Model Year PenFed Incentives Offers

Program Incentive offers effective through January 02, 2020
Offers not available for leases and only applicable towards retail purchase
Offers subject to change without notice. See dealer for details.
Must have been an active PenFed member for at least 60-Days"

Hey guys, I have a code from PenFed showing a wide range of discounts on a 19 MB.

Since I never used one of these codes, I called PenFed for more clarification. They basically said the dealer can do whatever they want with the discount. Just wondering if you have had any luck using a PenFed code on an already discounted car. Thanks –

Just an update 2 years later. Got a quote from CarMax to sell the car for $27,200. Not bad considering purchase price was $25.5. Don’t nerd a second car so going to go for it. I only put 8k miles on it but still Used car vales are insane. The appraiser I talked to says that prices peaked a few weeks ago.

Welp can’t celebrate yet as now I am reading how ally could charge the dealer several thousands since it is an early buyout by a 3rd party. I guess I’ll find out next week… :pensive:

Vroom got a dealer payoff amount, $30,375, little different than $18k to pay it off myself.

Beware ally uses fair market value for their buyout amount for dealers, which is very shady, since there is nothing in my lease agreement that details this and when I asked ally they wouldn’t provide anything. I know rare for the fair market value to be higher than the pay off amount, but this is a total rip off and I wonder if there could be a case for a consumer protection violation.

Needless to say I am going to pay it off and do the 10 day no sales tax sell to carmax or vroom. The bummer is that it will take longer than 7 days to get the title which is past the expiration for the carmax/vroom quote, but least I know the fair market value and it is much higher than the quotes I have received.

No protection because they have done nothing wrong. Search the forum for many discussions about this recently.

They can’t provide anything because there is nothing in your contract that gives Vroom any rights or obligations.