Cavana / Vroom Offers

Hi all-
As you might have guessed I got an attractive offer on my leased car (have one payment left) from Carvana and Vroom. Dealer told me however, that the offer is not valid on leased cars because the residual value/payoff amount is only applicable for lessee’s and dealers. He said there would be no way they could honor that offer as they have to buy the car from VW from it’s book value. Additionally, supposedly the book value is above what their offer was so he said I’d have to pay them the balance??

Anyway just curious if anyone has had issues selling a leased car to vroom/carvana? Was it a hassle with the title change, paperwork, long delays? Do I need to buyout the car first from the leasing company before selling to Carvana/Vroom, or can they handle it on their end after they take over my lease?


You might have stepped over

To post this. TL;DR

  • VW/Audi don’t allow third-party buyouts
  • you may still buy the car, as your lease specifies
  • unless you are in CA, you will pay tax on the transaction (in CA you have 10 days to resell - covered at length in other posts)