HELP! Ford lease ending soon, want to trade-in for a non-Ford vehicle

So I am nearing the end of my Ford lease, the lease ends on October 30th. I have a 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium. I am way over my mileage limit and was hoping to do the third-party buyout option through Autonation, or Carmax and trade for a used SUV, possibly a Mazda CX-5. But I heard that third-party buyouts are not an option at all with Ford? Or it is, but you have to be outside the last 120 days of your lease? Could not find a definitive answer to that question, so I’m confused.
I obviously am within the last 120 days of my lease, so could I extend my lease and still trade with a third-party buyer? I don’t want to trade with my originating dealer because they don’t have ANY pre-owned vehicles in their inventory aside from Ford vehicles. Which I do not want, at all.
All in all, not sure what my options are with a third-party lease trade-in? I’m not really looking for equity here, just want to trade my lease for another used vehicle.

Ford doesn’t allow it.

Sell to a Ford dealer or buy it yourself and then sell/trade.

You don’t need to trade to originating dealer. Any Ford dealer will work, or even any dealer network who also has a Ford dealer under their umbrella can get it done. I’m sure you can find something.

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Since you can’t sell it to a 3rd party, what you can do is buy it yourself if the equity is that much higher than your buyout price.

Then after you get the title, sell it to a 3rd party and cash out.


I was in the same boat.
I used this broker @stellarauto to get a positive equity from my leased Nissan. He found a 3rd party dealer who was willing to buyout my lease.

He did a great job. I got my equity payment same day car was picked up.

For Ford, you have to go back to originating dealer and return the car or get the payoff amount, so you can add TTL on it to sell it

and what if you move across the country? Are you sure about this applying to all states? Seems odd to me Ford would require you return it to the originating dealer. The dealer doesn’t own the car.

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If you were to return the car to other Ford dealer, that dealer has to get the payoff amount to the originating dealership. So to avoid the hassle, of Ford dealers fighting about payoff, just return it to that dealer. Payoff can be highly inflated too. Like $3,000 - $4,000 higher than what the actual payoff is.

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wow. Ford financial is charging higher buyout to its own dealers? Yikes. Good to know.

No, the dealer is. The dealer reserves a right to charge more than the payoff amount. That is their gross, so, yeah. Ford leases are known for that.

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Oh, you mean when the leasor tries to buy it? But, is that state-by-state? I should be able to buy directly from Ford Financial. I know there is an issue in FL where you can’t do that, for example, but there are no such state restrictions in NJ.

So the originating dealer has the ability to inflate the payoff to non originating Ford dealers? That is ridiculous. I know that as a lessee, the originating dealer’s payoff is $500 less than mine. Dealers do have to call the original dealer for the payoff, but all were given the Ford Credit amount in my case.

I don’t know if it’s state-by-state.

Yes, that is word per word by the Sales Manager at the Ford dealership. I had a Ford lease turned into my dealership about a year ago, went by customer’s payoff on his phone, the originating dealership came back and shot $3,500 more than the screen and the customer ended up backing out of the deal.

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How so you sell a leased vehicle back to the dealer?

“hello, Mr dealer, would you like to buy my car?”

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Was yours a Ford dealership as well? I assume yes since only Ford dealers are able to buy out the lease.

I am not getting what you said. I work at a Toyota store and customer was trading in his Ford lease.

Third party dealers aka non Ford dealers can’t buy out the car from Ford Credit. My guess is the originating dealer in your case was going to wholesale the car to you after they bought it from Ford Credit, which would explain the $3,500 mark up.

You know what’s funny though. The customer went to Ford dealership near mine and they were trying to do that. He leased it from Houston and trying to trade it at DFW.

Thank you! What about the 120 day rule? If I’m past the 120 days do you know if I can still trade it in?