US Bank Dealer Payoff Off the Roof

I’ve never seen an Acura lease through US Bank.


I guarantee you that payoff is not correct. Just sold my wrangler lease with us bank. That price includes taxes that dealers don’t pay. Therefore i would ask them to call again and find out what buyout is without taxes.

Us bank charges charges different buy out to non US Bank dealers.


Correct but Toyota dealers, do use US bank. I sold my us bank lease to Toyota dealer and got a 4runner trd pro but used another bank. Took my dealer 5 calls to get correct info. Had all the same run arounds, few agents at US bank know what they are talking about.

Some Toyota dealers use us bank.

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My jaw dropped when I heard the agent on the speaker. I was expecting higher than my buyout but not $4k over msrp from 2 years ago

Could not stay to have dealer call again as my daughter was visiting from Philly. Will try calling US Bank after the holiday.

I am sure that buyout is that price - your sales tax. It took me few calls to get someone who knew what they are talking about. Request a manager, the lower tier support are clueless.

Certain Toyota dealers do buyouts if they work with us bank, some jeep dealers also work with us bank.

Correct. US Bank is one who charges third-parties Fair-Market Value:

It sounds like you’re poking at

*Note some lenders do not charge participating dealers a higher payoff, so it may be worth exploring selling your leased car to a participating dealer.

Which, if you leased a Toyota through USB, you probably recall it’s a bit of a needle in a haystack finding dealers who do use US Bank. I’d start with the originating dealer and see if they still use US Bank.

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Something is not right, here. I was going to trade my customer his Tundra for another one and his payoff is $44,500. How did you get that number?

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Went to Koch 33 to have it appraised and maybe sell to them. USB rep gave the number over speaker phone.

What’s the payoff if you want to buy t yourself?

Personal payoff is $43k (2 months left on lease).

Same thing with me. A dealer wants to buy my 2019 Tacoma for 40K and my personal payoff was 33k with taxes and fees. Dealer called US bank and was told that their payoff is 41K! I guess I just have to buy it out myself and then sell.

Well there’s a benefit to this whole payoff less than 3rd party stuff.

The states get more tax revenue. :frowning:

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I attempted to sell my US Bank leased 19 Tundra to a dealer. My payoff is 39k including tax. US Bank wanted 51k from dealer! So I had to buy it myself to resell it. Definitely worth the hassle of taking out a loan etc to make almost 10k.


How long did title get to you?

Payoff was overnighted last Thursday 7/2. US Bank still hasn’t processed the check or closed out account.

I was able to get some trade/sell numbers from US Bank on a Tacoma lease expiring in March that I thought were interesting (and dumb).

My purchase price: $31,320
Dealer purchase price IF starting a new US Bank lease: $31,207
Dealer purchase/trade price if NOT starting a new US Bank lease: $40,883

Not sure what to do, best offer I saw was KBB at 34,500. Nearly positive I’ll extend the lease 6 months and ride it out.

Yep pretty Normal. Had one today:

Back to US Bank $32,832.02
Non US Bank $45,290.00

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Probably wouldn’t have posted if I had known this thread existed :slight_smile:

Thanks for moving it here for me.