[CA] Pay off lease and sell immediately or sell with lease balance factored into price?

I have a lease ending in 14 months on a Tacoma fully loaded (2020), given the crazy prices on used cars could I sell out of the lease or pay the remaining balance and immediately sell the car back to the dealer without financing or buying the truck? As far as lease goes the value at trade in should be 35k, given that I don’t have too many miles on it I was thinking to take advantage of the high car prices these days and just sell it. Let me know if this is advisable or even doable.

What leasing company is your lease through?

Best place to start is getting your 3rd party buyout and your current personal buy out amount.

Ally Financial

In that case, there’s no selling the lease directly in a useful manner.

Get your personal buy out from them and compare to offers on the vehicle.

Here’s a hand:

There’s plenty of other threads and topics about selling to other third parties, selling to dealers, or even buying it out yourself (save on taxes, CA-only). Good luck with your next steps!

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I was in a similar situation. You could benefit from reading the replies from my thread. FWIW, I opted to sell back to the dealer to avoid sales tax, the price offer is a little lower than third-party but my net came a couple of dollars higher due to lower dealer buyout (no sales tax which is in my case was 8.375%).

Goodluck! There’s a lot of opportunities right now if you don’t need the car or have a secondary one. Sold my 6MT to buy a truck and thinking to sell the current SUV to upgrade as well. Do it!

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Is it possible to buy out the lease and sell it to the dealer without incurring sales tax in CA? Or does the dealer need to buy it out directly from the lender?

You might want to spend 10 minutes searching, this has all been discussed at length