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Broker near Bentonville, Arkansas
Looking for a large SUV, such as Expedition, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, etc
🇸🇪 Aronchi's 6/20 NO FEE Volvo - COSTCO ON XC60s and XC40 P8! CHEAP FWD S60! XC90s & HYBRIDS + DEMOS! - TRISTATE & PA
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*AWD* 3 Row Midsize SUV in South Florida?
Hello All, I am trying to lease for the first time. MB GLC/GLE or Range Rover SUVs
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Looking for Texas broker for Mercedes GLE SUV or other luxury suv in same range
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I am looking for a Dodge Charger RT lease transfer $480 or less
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Can anyone help me lease an X6?

I am looking to lease MB GLA 250 or Mazda CX5 or BMW X1. I don’t see Arkansas getting mentioned in any of the post. Is there any broker out here who can help me land a great deal in this area

Consider looking to states like TX for better deals. Then pick it up or have it shipped to you. GLWT

Looking to lease a 2021 Ram 1500, crew cab, 5 seat, 4x4, V8 (etorque isn’t a must). Aa for trim, looking Big Horn with level 2 package or Laramie that isnt packed with extras. Can’t find anything locally fitting the bill. Seems like almost every BH is a night edition, which is cool and all, but not a must for me.

36/10 or thereabouts. I’d like to be under $500 for a BH or under $550 for the Laramie. First month and tags DAS.

I have an FCA lease ending this month. Mazda lease in household.


PM on here is preferred contact then we can call or email/text. Just prefer not to post my info.

I have contacted the brokers on here but wanted to see if anyone else lurks or what. Seems like I might have missed the boat on the better deals last month.

Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal! Tagging by state (e.g. CA, NJ, NY) is mandatory. Hi All,
we are looking for 2 leases in SoCal we need one 7 seater SUV and one small SUV.

we are considering the following two for the larger SUV:
2021 Atlas 6V 3.6L SE with tech (received a quote with $2000 down $416 monthly)
or Chevrolet Traverse with leather seats, (waiting for a quote).

for the smaller SUV we are thinking about the Chevrolet Trail blaze, but open for Kia, VW, Mazda or Hyundai leases.

would love to get quotes including taxes, we will be making a decision within two days.

Skip the trailblazer. I drove one and it’s meh

Hi I’m in Staten Island NY I’m interested in leasing a Ram 1500 big horn quad cab base with equipment package one If anyone can do 300 a month 0 down or DAS I will sign please lmk

First time posting lmk if I’m leaving anything out

The MSRP is around 37500

Hello All,
I’m looking for the Audi SQ5 lease deal, please… the vehicle will be for my wife, so I have few specs requirement… interior to be Magma Red and the 21” Audi sport wheels are mandatory… everything else with regards to the options/trims is not that important…
Your help is greatly appreciated!!

So after considering various options, I decided to lease a 2021 Civic. I would take a 2020 too, if the deal was significantly better. All I need is “a car.” I liked it when I test drove it. and I know there are some good deals out there.

But even after having gotten the MF and residual from Edmunds for my zip code, I don’t trust myself to get the best deal available – and I don’t have time to deal with it either.

So I would like to ether hire a broker to do this for me, or else there is a buying service I have used for cars in the past (I have used them for purchases but they also do leases). For a few hundred dollars, they solicit and pre-negotiate the best deals they can get from dealers in the area, and send them to the customer, who can then call the dealer and accept the deal the customer likes best. In the past, they saved me a decent amount of money (and time).

Any sense which of these options might be best? And if a broker would be best, can someone recommend a broker that deals with Hondas, in the DC/MD/VA area, and has a good reputation? I looked in the Marketplace section, but there was not much about Hondas in the DMV area.

Thank you.

Looking for a 36 month, low mileage lease deal in the 3 row SUV with heated steering as a MUST have. Location 02492

A monthly lease payment between $375-$450 but willing to go a bit higher for a bit more luxury, limit $525

Low mileage, we never go over 10k a year

Right now looking at Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring, VW Atlas SEL 2.0T but also willing to look at other brands.

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Any good lease deals for the Audi sq8? What is a good lease price for the sq8

Hello all,
I was able to get one local dealer (NJ) to match this deal but they only have them in white with brown interiors. Are there any brokers here in the Northeast who has a blue one available? Thank you.

  1. 2021 Honda Odyssey EX-L
  2. 36/10
  3. NJ
  4. Call, text, email, PM
  5. Loyalty, competitive, educator, Costco

My apologies. Thank you for moving this!

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No worries. You probably should update your post with the information that was included in the thread title.

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And @timmcclure delete the VIN/stock# from your calculator because that deal is hot. If legit I’d take that before it’s off the table.

Looking for a Carnival LX Seat package to finance if any brokers work with Kia and can work a deal. Needs to have brown interior. Open to all exterior colors except silver. White is preferred. Zip is 27513.

In Michigan. Best incentives and money factors between Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota? Only 1/2 ton trucks please. Not picky I just want something that has a few creature comforts. Middle of the road trim level.

I am willing to take over a lease with a reasonable residual so i can buy it out. Or one that is at the end of its lease so i can take over and buy it. Best way to reach me is

a 37,500 MSRP is going to be a completely base Big Horn 4x2 with zero options whatsoever. You’re not going to find a 4x2 anywhere near the northeast. Cheapest you’ll likely find around here is low 40’s.

Hey guys, I’m looking into leasing a 2021 RR Sport SVR in Orlando. Does anyone have any leads on good deals there?