READ ME FIRST: Getting Started With Leasehackr Forum

Welcome! Please read the following to get the most out of Leasehackr Forum.

Getting Started

  • To create a topic, new members must read a minimum number of posts (at least 10 topics, 25 posts, and 10 minutes). Please take some time to browse the forum and familiarize yourself with the basics of car leasing. (See Leasing 101 articles and the FAQ section.)

  • Have a question? Search to see if it’s been answered already. Sort by “Latest Post” to find the most recent topics. Older topics may include useful tips – but may also reflect deals that have since expired.

  • When creating a new topic, please be specific and provide as many details as you can. We’re here to help and engage in a conversation! But if you ask too broad of a question (e.g., “What’s the best lease?”) and it’s obvious you haven’t done your homework, you won’t get many replies.

  • We recognize that not everyone has the time to become an expert. That’s why we have the Marketplace, devoted to off-the-shelf deals posted by dealers and brokers. Don’t see the car you’re looking for? Consider hiring a broker to search on your behalf, or try your luck with a wanted ad.

  • No “PM ME THE LINK” or “PM ME INFO” replies allowed on threads. Instead, send the private message (PM) directly to the user.

Community Standards

We ask that users treat each other with courtesy and respect. This applies to everyone, whether you’re an expert or a newbie, a dealer or a moderator. Be agreeable, even when you disagree. Please take a moment to review our community standards here.

Registered Businesses

Dealers and brokers are welcomed at Leasehackr Forum – and may use the forum for commercial purposes. Those who post on the Marketplace must register and comply with the Marketplace Posting Guidelines. As a heads up, our community values transparency and competitive pricing from dealers and brokers.

Aside from finding new customers, we encourage dealers and brokers to share their insights and thoughts on the industry. You’ll find that it pays (literally) to be helpful!

Trusted Hackrs

Leasehackr is moderated by a volunteer team of Trusted Hackrs who are nominated by users. Trusted Hackrs are members we recognize for their knowledge, and they bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the table. You can view their moderation guidelines here.

That’s it! We welcome your suggestions for improving Leasehackr Forum.


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How do new members post?


Read the first bullet point for starters.


Thanks for the great intro write up!

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