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can you tell me how to post a new thread? There is no option and its not in the faq and i’ve spent hours on the site since signing up.

thank you.


Right now, the benchmark for new users is to have spent at least 10 minutes, entered at least 10 topics, and read at least 25 posts before the new user can create his/her first post. This mechanism is in place to prevent bots and the increasing duplicate questions. This posting guide can be a helpful reference. Thank you for your understanding.


Hello. I have been signed up now for over 2 hours and i still can’t post a topic/question on a lease i have. Thoughts on what i need to do? Thank you!


Can someone approve my post in the FAQ section I submitted a few days ago???



can you return a honda lease to a Toyota or a hyundai dealer ? i currently have a honda and thinking about getting a toyota lease. can i return the car to the hyundao dealer? will they buy it from the honda leasing?


I can post either…I have met the posting criteria as follows:

18m read time, 11 topics viewed, 94 posts read


I cannot post yet, even though I have met the requirements. Any reason?


I can’t post either, any advice?


I think their timer thing is not working… still can’t post.

Having this issue also

Yeah I’m trying to share my deal but can’t post either

how do you view a private message you sent to someone but that someone hasn’t replied (hence no notification to click on)?

the current only way I found is to send another pm and click from the related message when the new pm is sent. having to send another pm to spam someone just to view the old pm doesn’t seem like the right way$$$/messages/sent

Replace the three dollar signs with your username. Or click on profile, messages, sent.