First Leasehackr Video: How to lease like a pro using the Leasehackr Calculator!

We’ve released our first Leasing 101 video: How to lease like a pro using the Leasehackr Calculator!

As folks move to multimedia platforms to gather information, we thought that video explanations could help new shoppers better understand the basics of leasing. The series starts with a tutorial on the Calculator, which can be confusing but empowering once you learn how to use it! We walk through the basics of leasing and give a real-life example of how you can use the Calculator to negotiate a lease.

We worked hard and had fun making the video. We hope this will be a helpful resource for the community!

As always, we are constantly looking for improvements and feedback! If you have suggestions on future video topics, drop us a note on our video suggestion thread. A video topic at the forefront of our mind – Getting Started with Leasehackr Forum. :upside_down_face:

We have no ambitions to become professional YouTubers, but we’ve heard that with more “likes” and “subscribes”, we get to spread the joy of leasehacking to a larger audience (or make it known to hire a Broker or browse on the Marketplace if folks don’t enjoy the process).

Happy Leasehacking!

Michael & Victoria


Great stuff, definitely worth spreading so people can better understand the benefit of leasing. Tiktok next? haha

Great video. Its good to get a walk through on the calculator

Great explanation and video overall, if this doesn’t clear up any questions regarding on how to operate the calculator than I don’t know what will.

Thank you! That answered a few questions I had.

Great video! You guys are awesome :smiley:

I didn’t watch the video but that is a cool idea. People definitely get lost in the verbiage and simply reading about it can get really confusing.

Thank you for doing this. It is very helpful to me as i learn more about this process and prepare for a future lease pursuit.

Absolutely loved it. Looking forward to the upcoming videos. :+1:t3: