Guidelines for Trusted Hackrs

Leasehackr is moderated by a volunteer team of Trusted Hackrs who are nominated by users. Trusted Hackrs are members we recognize for their knowledge, and they bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the table.

The goal of moderation is to keep the forum a civil place for conversation. It’s completely optional for Trusted Hackrs to exercise their mod powers, but if they do, we trust that they use them responsibly.

Moderation Guidelines

  1. Trusted Hackrs may close, move, or merge a TOPIC for the following reason(s):
    a. Spam
    b. Duplicate topic by the same user
    c. Not in compliance with Marketplace Guidelines or expired Marketplace deal
    e. Topic has outlived its usefulness (e.g., replies beating a dead horse)
    f. Topic in the wrong category

  2. Trusted Hackrs may move a POST for the following reason(s):
    a. Spam, profanity, insults, and other derogatory content to Off-Topic Landfill
    b. Off-topic posts in Dealer/Broker Reviews and the Trophy Garage to Off-Topic Landfill
    c. Wanted ads to Please keep all your “wanted” ads here
    d. “PM me the info!” posts to Off-Topic Landfill

We encourage Trusted Hackrs to merge topics whenever possible, instead of closing topics. Or create a new topic and move posts there, if necessary.

Note that all users can flag inappropriate posts. Posts flagged by multiple users are automatically hidden and deleted after three days.

Moderation guidelines will be updated over time based on feedback and necessity.