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Even if he paid the extra 400 bucks, it would save the hassle of getting the car registered in his home state, as well as a further distance to travel to obtain it. Seems well worth it to me. The dealer @nyclife works with is also willing to deliver the car (within reason).

Unless you’re getting something out of passing these deals on on the back end, not sure why you felt the need to poo poo on a respected member of the forum and his deals over a lousy 400 bucks. Seems a bit petty to me.

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The delivery wasn’t possible yesterday too many LH customers filled up spots :joy:

And also they are above within reason, they delivered two cars this week to 4hrs away

I also seriously considered getting S90 from Quentin, even with his $400, because of better incentives in NER. But I was too lazy to drive drive to NJ, there wasn’t color combination I wanted and I don’t really need a new car yet :slight_smile:
Edit: @nyclife - they could have delivered to me also (4.5 hours away)? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If the Mrs ends up liking/wanting an Infiniti at the end of the year to replace her current shitbox, I’ll use him. After briefly chatting with Quentin via PM, delivery and ease of the transaction at said dealer would be worth it to me.

She already shot down Volvo at the auto show this year, so I can’t parlay picking up a new xc60 into a trip to Atlantic City.

Sorry…getting off topic. Back to your regularly-scheduled programming. Carry on with your deals.

just infiniti 202020


Thanks for alleging that I make money and do this for some petty amount. I have have been offered money multiple times on this site for the help I have done to fellow LH and I have never accepted a dollar from anyone. I always suggest them to donate money to this site and few of them have donated it. Some have come over and reported the donation done to this site via posts and few might not have done it.

Yesterday someone reached out to me who was not happy with your favourite broker and said the numbers he gave we’re like mine plus the broker fee and his dealer was not going to deliver either. I was just trying to compare the numbers with other deals but feel free to judge.


Yeah, but I gave the customer a 2k higher msrp vehicle for the same price, which your dealer couldn’t do. You should know ALL the facts before you say something. Like I said, I posted the numbers, you can compare it to your advertised deal which the customer said they got. 20% off vs 17%, you do the math.

I’m not alleging you take any money, but there is definitely room in your deals. Several customers of yours have come to me and I’ve beaten there deals. Heck one of them bought TWO Qx60s.

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I was not talking to you and will not respond to you any further.

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You were talking about me, so I responded. If you don’t want my response you don’t have to talk about me. I know its hard to admit my deals are better than yours including my fee, but thats life.

Also something else I don’t understand is if there is nothing in it for you and you are all about getting people the best deals, why don’t you refer people to me when my deals are far better than yours including my fee and in some cases delivery.

Reread what I wrote…I said “UNLESS” you are taking money on the back end, why would you bother to quibble or question whether a deal was better over 400 bucks? As I also stated, even IF that deal you offered was better by 400 bucks, the guy would’ve saved time/hassle in registering it at home, and the time/hassle to drive to a different dealership out of state. Even IF your deal was the best, it doesn’t necessarily make it the smartest.
I never said Quentin was my “favorite” broker. I’ve never had a need to use a broker before. What I will say, however, is the guy is up front and honest, from my dealings with him via PM with random questions, as well as what he’s posted here, and I’d use him if the need would arise.

I’ll restate what I said…to ask whether your deal was better over 400 bucks (when you have no skin in the game) than a trusted member of the forum trying to make a buck, is petty.

I’m done with this…this isn’t the place/thread for this and there’s no need to beat a dead horse at this point.


there’s a lot more that goes into deciding whether or not to use a broker than simply price. I don’t personally understand the point of this statement other than it being ego-driven for being able to do “better” than a broker which isn’t the point of the trophy garage and in reality doesn’t matter because you’re not here to compete by your own admission.

If someone wants to use a broker for whatever reason, let them. If someone wants to use your advice and go do the legwork themselves and as a thanks donate to the site, let them.

This line of talk is steering off topic, is counter productive and fuels an argument which isn’t the point of this thread or this forum in general.


I’m in PA (and closer to NJ) border and my S90 is coming from MD :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks to @CarandWatch.

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Not for you…

His deal was in PA, as far as I know. Even saw the car I wanted.

i assume your reply to me wasn’t meant for me?

Shoot, my bad :grin:

Why do you get so pissed off when someone else gets a better deal than the one you offer? Your deals are great, no one argues. But it feels like you get personally offended when your dealer’s deal is not the best.

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lol love the thread title

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This is a really good question, @HN308. On the one hand, I personally love how much you’re contributing to the forum because you’re spending a lot of your own time to help users find good deals. That’s huge and doesn’t go unappreciated.

But on the other hand, it appears you aren’t pleased when people choose to go with a broker over you. As a result, people are wondering what skin you have in the game if that’s something that frustrates you. Perhaps you’re just a competitive guy, but remember that brokers make their livelihood off of this, so I wouldn’t hold any resentment (in fact, I’d be pleased) toward a broker for finding a good, if not better deal.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your perspective on the above. Just because I, too, sometimes look into various vehicles to see what kinds of deals can be had. And if it’s something I know one of our registered brokers doesn’t cover, I’ll PM it to a user who needs help. Otherwise, I’ll refer them over to a broker. But I certainly wouldn’t be offended if someone took a broker’s deal over one that I’d found.

As a final note, let’s keep it diplomatic and use words wisely. Especially if you’ve got a label next to your name – your words will hold a lot of influence in the forum and it’s important to remember that.