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Was this for me?.. :slight_smile:

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since I’m the only one without a label, am I off the hook?

@dukez @Ursus

I have nothing against anyone on this forum. I am not pissed when the end user gets a better deal than mine whether they get it themselves, trough other broker or my contact. As you know I always share the dealer contact details directly and let them take it from there. Many of those people never even send a thank you line back after they get the car and few literally force me to accept money for my help whom I suggest to donate to this site. I don’t know anyone personally and neither does anyone knows me. I sure made few friends after I helped them get a great deal who keep in touch outside of this forum.

I am competitive guy but that doesn’t mean I have never been on the loosing side. I am not in car business and all I do is based on my research and few contacts I have made when I got my cars. I personally think a broker charging money should be a lot better than my deal as this is what they do for a living and must be able to get a much better deal than a lay person like me can find by making few calls.

The only reason I asked yesterday to the person in PA about his numbers was because he said that my numbers were similar to the broker so I wanted to check if it were similar after fees or not. I don’t know why others made a big deal about it.

Anyways this is too trivial matter and I will continue to do my thing and the brokers/dealers can do theirs and let the community decide where they want to get the deals from.

Also I never go in anyone’s post and suggest that I can beat their deals by so many dollars, I just start my thread and respond to who ever asks for information there. I believe more competition is good as that generates bettter numbers for all but there is a right and wrong way to do everything.

Anyways let’s get back to hacking some deals in April.


Thanks, HN. I think that clears things up. Sounds like you were just curious how the other deal stacked up with the broker fee included. The tone of your message sounded more defensive so I think that’s what threw people off.

Case closed.


Lol, it was for everyone, you silly bear.

You mentioned @nyclife’s fee for some reason when there was no need for that (at least publicly). Then he replied and explained the numbers, and this is where it should have stopped, IMO. Without going back and forth.

Sorry, not to drag this on, but all from reading the exchange, literally all HN asked was in when the poster noted the prices between deals being the same, if he had factored in the broker fee, not sure how that is a personal attack. Then Q responded

Since you are all about getting people the best deals no clue why you are obsessed with your dealer when I’ve beat them with my fee, several times over for other LH customers

I think there was a simple misunderstanding coupled with competitiveness and then a bunch of external piling on from others which was not necessary.

Same team folks


For me, the answer is here:

and also:

They are not competitors, according to HN.

I think there’s been some back and forth between the two before, and @nyclife is upfront about his fee, so I can see how it could be taken as a slight towards him specifically quoting that number on a similar deal that he was offering.

You shouldn’t mind when I do that because in the end you are all about people getting the best deals right? Because you don’t get ANYTHING from the dealer. Again, I don’t know why you are taking shots at me, your tone when you asked for numbers was very off. When I provided them you seemed to take is personally when I beat your deal, but who cares, you make nothing from it.

Again another shot

Divide and conquer! Are edmunds moderators causing friction here? Lets keep it together team.

I think this calls for a good ol’ fashion Western Duel … first one to hack an XC40 wins … the other is banished to the “ask the hackers” thread for a month … to answer newbie questions on 2017 MB and BMW loaners

Just got a DM… the car choice is unfair as NYCLife has a crazy Volvo connect … stelvio??

Lol if I remember correctly I think he’s ventured into Alfa Land in some areas too.

Damn it… I’m late again …

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How is that sales process? Do you have to work with a salesperson and have someone else ring it up and approve it?

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Interested in that as well. Do they also get a sales guy to tell you he is losing money on the deal before you’re allowed to sign?


rofl 2020202020202020

They sat him in a chair at a desk for half an hour while the salesman walked back and forth between the manager’s desk and his desk. Then they gave him the wrong quote and spent another half an hour before they “fixed it”.


So reverse engineering the math, you were at $5k off before all those incentives, still south of invoice. Is the extra 2500 employee incentive something they offer every month or just the end of fiscal year?

Lmao! No, I worked the numbers myself. Once I hit the “max we’re allowed to lose” mark. I went to get the deal signed off by the GM.
Salesperson was only involved by putting the car to wash, gas, and “delivering” the vehicle.
It’s called an “in-house deal” no one gets paid commission or gets any credit for the deal.

Yes, about $5,500 off before all the extra incentives and lease cash. Which makes the deal a $-2,500 net loser deal for the store.

And yes the $2,500 was just for the fiscal year end. And only for employees and family in the same household

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