Signed: 2020 BMW M340i xDrive, $66k MSRP, 36/12k, $552/mo sign and drive


Unfortunately not. It’s something I really wanted when I first started looking, but the rearview camera and parking sensors are enough. And thanks!

Very nice, congrats!

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Beautiful ride, congrats on the sweet deal.

And +1 on the manual transmission :slight_smile:


Modern BMW manuals are painfully easy to drive with the auto rev-matching and hill assist anyway, but it just adds that extra bit of engagement.

There is no manual option till the m3 comes out. It’s an auto.

That is a a crazy deal in south Florida I am getting $630 per month with $2500 drive off on a 59K MSRP car. I would fly up there for that deal. Does this dealer do out of state deals?

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Unfortunately so, but I believe he was echoing my wish that it did come with a manual.

They do do out-of-state deals, but they’re not offering any more discounts of this kind.

I could pay $50 more per month and it would still be a good deal for south Florida

Yeah, both of my last two cars (2011 GTI and 2019 Jetta) have had hill assist, and I’m sure most newer manuals come with it too, but never driven a manual with the auto rev-matching. The downshifts would be smoother, but you’re right - slightly less engaging; need to drive one to see how I feel about it!

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I know - just agreeing with the OP that the car could be even more fun IF it came in a 6-speed manual. :slight_smile:

For the newbies out here, what is an OL code?

It’s a code that you get from attending BMW Ultimate Driving events or dealer events. It’s advertised as giving a $1,000 discount, $500 of which comes from BMW corporate and $500 from dealer contribution, but most of the time, dealers only apply the $500 corporate contribution on aggressive deals. Hence why I was surprised to get the full $1,000 for my OL code.

Learn more here: Instructions on how to get a BMW OL incentive - 2019 Ultimate Drive Events UDE

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What dealer was this

Wow! Definitely one of the best deals I’ve seen for bmw M340ix!
I got mine two weeks ago and I love it on sport plus.

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I tried the launch control and the dynamic traction control today. Mostly surprised how much sideways action the DTC lets you get, especially for an AWD car.

First, congrats on your deal. Did the dealer refuse to honor the Penfed certificate? Did they say why?
I’m just curious. I recently signed up for a Penfed membership for the sole purpose of using the BMW discount once my A4 lease is up next year.

Well done brother!

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Thanks. They said BMW dealers have to choose which programs to participate in (USAA, PenFed, etc), and that they didn’t participate in the PenFed one.

Now this car is up on Swap a lease for $3700 down payment