2019 X3 M40i Loaner Deal


What do you all think:
2019 BMW X3 M40i
Loaner 4300 miles
Premium, Leather, Driver asst, parking asst, HK, wireless charging.

MSRP- $63,520
Discount- $10k
Rebate- $2000
Due - Acquisition fee tax tags, first month- $3600
MSD $3850
Monthly $530
MF .00165
Residual 59%

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Try this on for size.

Good deal. What’s the $2k incentives made up of? $750 Loyalty? No OL code?

You might be able to shave a little more discount off but you’re pretty much at the limit.

Lease credit of $1250 and conquest of $750. First time leasing for me, thanks to this site! Wish I had an OL code or still had my last BMW for extra savings.

Any locations close to you to get an OL code: Instructions on how to get a BMW OL incentive - 2019 Ultimate Drive Events UDE

Would be at least another $500 off.

So nice of you to send through. I am in NJ, so no luck.

You’re welcome. You have a good deal already in place, post some pics in the trophy thread if/when you sign.

Could you PM the dealer?

Looks strong to me.