2018 BMW 330e. Discount off MSRP

Can OL be applied on loaners with only 2,000 miles?

It’s up to dealer discretion

*RESTRICTIONS APPLY. $1,000 offer valid on eligible new model year 2018 and 2019
vehicles in dealer stock delivered and retailed through April 30, 2019. Models excluded are
2019 X7, 8 Series (all variants), 2018 M2 Coupe, 2019 M2 Competition, and M5 (all variants).
This offer cannot be used for previously ordered or previously delivered vehicles and is only
valid on delivery of in-stock vehicles. Offer valid to customers – and their family members
residing within the same household – attending the BMW Lunar New Year Events at
participating BMW Centers and registering on 2019lunarnewyear.eventsbmw.com by
February 10. Offer valid on final negotiated price and may be combined with other applicable
BMW offers that are available at the time of purchase. Only one OL number per vehicle may
be used. Offer valid towards purchase price of eligible vehicle. Only valid at participating
dealers. 2019 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are
registered trademarks.

I need an OL code! I’m working on a 330E lease myself have two dealerships willing to do 13 percent off before incentives.

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Better get one! Use that search bar

I must be a fool, I can’t seem to find any.

Which area are you in?

I’m in Arizona but have also had a dealer in Southern California play ball and one in Northern California. Just keep pushing email around and tell them where you are at and what you would like. Good luck

Thanks. Do you mind sharing the contact of the So Cal dealer to me? I can only find two dealers here with these cars.

Google dealerships and go to their websites. Don’t go by BMW ‘s list of dealers it is incomplete

Try Steve Marx
Took great care of me for years.

Last one left there. Might be punched.

Thank you!

I was there 6 hours ago.

I have the j screen.
Right here

Ending going else where i got 330e demo
$1350 total due at signing
$2100 msd
Total price $3450
12k 24m lease
$7500 rebate with loyal

52k msrp

You got their last 330e then?

Ol code


They got you man!! 4k discount on loaner 52k 330e? :neutral_face:

I got it for 44,388
4138 miles

South Bay is one of the worst dealers in LA

Yes but 44388 seems to include the 9k incentive? With incentive you got only 25% off, which I think means they held at least another 5% from you. Hence the high payment, twice what others have posted for 330e loaner.

You rock! I had given up and I’m ag the dealership now applied and got the code and arrowhead bmw accepted the full 1000 dollars. I’m getting a 54,960 2018 bmw 330E for 373 dollars a month with only first months payment and 7msd.


If it’s new you will get another 1k by signing up for bmw cca