Bmw m340 need help please

Hello ,
Please, help me to evaluate this deal
bmw m340
Msrp 61185 $
Selling price 55290 (9.6% ) pre incentives
Incentives 1000 lease cash ( confirmed with Edmunds and dealership )and 1000 conquest ,
So 2000$
MF 0.00118 buy rate ( confirmed with Edmunds and dealership )
Unfortunately I’m not a member of bmw club of North America to get that in mail rebate also no loyalty , or college graduate or USA pen fed , also Ol code is no longer active , no msds
36/10 k miles
RV 60% confirmed with Edmunds

Discount is on the low side of great, but probably not unreasonable to given current availability. Your bigger issue compared to the great deals you have seen here is the limited incentives you qualify for.

MSDs will help a bit here


Yes , I totally agree
No loyalty , Ol code has been expired and dealer will only honor 500$ If it was still active, no college grad rebate , no usaa/pen fed
pushing To 12% Off the MSRP pre incentives ( I don’t know ) Plus I don’t want to put 7 MSDs , because what If I decide to sell a car to vroom ,carbvana , Carmax etc
Cannot make up my mind what car I want
I’m waiting for the new Acura tlx 2021 also have about 6 cars on my mind !
Thank you !

Wats an OI code?

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Thank you.
Due for a renewal of bmw lease in 6-8 months. This helps

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You won’t sell it. BMWs have hyperinflated RVs that makes buyouts prohibitive and undoable, ymmv. MSDs are returned in a buyout, you own the car and get MSDs back, it would be a hinderance in terms of finding a lease takeover , not a buyout.


If you sell the car to them, then you get your MSDs back. It’s only a challenge when you do a lease transfer to another private party.

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