Worst leases you've seen


What are the worst deals, comments, advice, etc you have seen on the web or IRL?

This guy leased a Mercedes E350 for $1,250! And he’s offering a $13,000 incentive to get out of it!

Then there is this comment below: $1,250/month for an $85K MSRP vehicle is ridiculously…low.

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I might have signed some of the worst leases 10 years ago.

10k drive off. $1350 a month for a convertible 2007 BMW 650…

5k drive off and $720 a month for 2006 BMW 530…


Rates (MF) were a lot higher in 2006, so don’t feel too bad…

And wagons/coupes/convertibles always lease poorly compared to the sedan equivalent. Even in today’s low MF, high RV environment this guy is paying $1,200 for a E-class wagon on what must have begun as a 48-month lease.

Several people are paying $1,000 or more for an E400 sedan! :unamused:


Check out these horrible Hellcat Leases I found when I was comparison shopping to previous deals:

Hellcat 1
$1,112.37 at 21 months left (that’s the cost of my entire 36 month lease!)

Hellcat 2
51 months left at $866
FIFTY ONE MONTHS!?!? Man he must’ve really nailed the dealer on that 60 month lease!


IDK whether to laugh or cry :cry:


Might be 51 months but you get the PLATINUM TIRE AND WHEEL PROTECTION! :joy:


Could you imagine how bad the hellcat guy feels now… Jesus. How could anyone justify that even before the recent lease deals, you’re saving all of what? 10k vs actually financing the vehicle? Ridiculous.

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I’ll take his lease over when he has 6 months left and buy it out CHEAP!


His lease residual wont change even if he pays more during his lease, this guy probably got screw with a mark up on the hellcat plus other stuff from finance.

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I was once offered a 42k A4 for 750 a month


My mom was just offered zero down but $6k in “small cap reduction” and $1800/month 12/36 for 2018 Lexus LC 500. Worst deal I have ever seen. She said the sales guy would call me to discuss, I hope he does :wink:


My bad lease was a 2011 ML350. 57.5k MSRP for 660 a month for 12k miles a year. It was for 42 months. Everything rolled in. I learned from that experience.


What do you expect from a brand new $100k+ vehicle?


6k is a small CCR relative to payments totaling $64,000+ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That sounds close to what the average person probably pays. Not the worst by any means.

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Thanks for comforting words. :slight_smile: We took it because initially wanted the new x3 and that was at the same price for a 42k car. So the ML at same monthly payment as x3 was a no brainer. The new body style X3 had just come out, dealers barely had it on the lot.

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A couple years ago, a dirty butthole tried to lease me a stripped out, cloth seat base model Chevy Traverse for $600 a month with GM discount included. I have great credit. Not only was I shocked, but I was also insulted.


Worst leases are always for fan boys/girls who need the vehicle right after the release:
a) $600 a month i3
b) $1500 a month hellcat challenger
c) $$$$ for anything AMG OMG
d) Even $350 for Bolt is wow!
e) And the king of them all - $3xx for VW TDI lol

But I suppose as they say, bragging rights are probably priceless…


I can contribute…

$414/mo incl tax for a 2015 Corolla LE (36/12k) plus turned in a fully loaded Mazda millennia as a trade in


3500/month for a S63 coupe.