HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

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Curious where people stand in this thread now that we are on Part 3! :beers:

When did you order place your order?

  • 2021
  • January 2022
  • February 2022
  • March 2022
  • Planning to order

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Flipping or Keeping?

  • Flipping
  • Keeping

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How many flipped?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+
  • Reply with your answer

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Trim Level

  • Sahara
  • Rubicon
  • High Altitude

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Order to Driveway Timeline

  • Less than 1 month
  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months
  • 4 Months
  • 5 months +

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You should poll keeper/flippers and number of flips.


@mllcb42 i am not from Chicago. So no cook county. I only have 8% tax

Great idea…added!

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Are you doing a 36/10 or a 36/12? They’re using 63% for the rv

Oh lord. This should not have a part 3. But clearly CAN AND WILL !!!


Wrangler train keepa rollin…


Technically this is part 4 since there was a thread before part 1

Here is my logic behind the scenes:

The problem with manipulating the values like that is the taxes don’t get properly accounted for.

Additional data point - Sahara 4XE Ordered 1/8 Delivered 3/21 Picked up 3/24 from Gupton. The residual is a bit higher that the expected 63% - I expect some additional adjustment to MSRP (pre-price increase - the actual sticker is $61,110)


I am doing 36/10.
I see they are using $62985 and using the 63% residual. Shouldn’t it be on the window sticker msrp and 64% rv?

64% yes, window sticker msrp no. If your sales price gets sold order protection, so does the msrp that establishes the rv.

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Round 2 for me:

Ordered 3/22. I hope Toledo takes their time with my Jeep. I’m in no rush at all and have other things to buy :sunglasses:

Edit: I noticed cryptostickers have upgraded their website.

Thank you so much for going thru this with me here. I’ll confirm few more things with the dealer. I have been scratching my head all day to see why my respective quote is higher than others comparatively

In IL Tax incentives are Taxed so $7500 will be taxed. If you in Chicago think tax will be higher then 8 but outside Chicago its 7 or 7.25 monthly tax not up-front. Think ACQ fees is waived for March in Midwest you have $595.

I actually did not try to manipulate the numbers, but to interpret the contract as it shows:

  1. MSRP and RV% is just to determine the actual residual value, in my calculator the RV is aligned with the contract number, which is $39680. RV% is fixed as 64%, so the only variable is MSRP.

  2. For the selling price, I added the acq fee, dealer fee, reg fee to it as the cap cost. The reason behind this is that if I input acq fee, dealer fee to their own fields, LH calculator won’t add the rent charge on them. I had the same issue before when comparing my actual contract with the LH calculator.

  3. $7500 breaks down to cap cost reduction, title fee, first monthly payment. I’m not sure whether it’s ok for the dealer to use the rebates as such but this is what shows in the contract.

  4. The actual contract shows the monthly payment is $537, which is made up of $14501/36=402 + $4865/36 = 135. My LH calculator shows $535 as $400 deprecation + $135 rent charge.

Are you saying my contract interpretation is wrong, or the way dealer constructed the contract is wrong?

I think I made a mistake on the taxes incentives. Given the total tax is $2101, this should be calculated as the total of payments * tax rate. So the $6513 cap cost should be considered as taxable. Here is updated calculator:

The difference between 7500-6513 is used as title fee and the first monthly payment. Thus the actual das is 0 and there are 35 remaining payments at $535

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What I can see is that to make the contract numbers match the LH calculator you have changed the msrp and selling price.
But what would happen considering the agreed upon values for both. The lease payment should be a lot less than given on the contract.

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