First Time Lease - Wrangle 4xe Question

I’m in Florida and found a dealer with a Wrangler 4xe on the lot and giving me the lease special. It’s a $64k Rubi and with $3400 down I’m at $550/mth with a 36/10. It seems fair to me, but I’m new at the lease thing. If I don’t like this vehicle after a month or 2, how does it work if I want out? Am out ok with this deal and not losing, or stuck for the term? Thanks.

There’s only 24 thousand posts on this site that tell you whether you’re getting a good deal or not

TL:DR, no. if you want a deal order one. idk which brokers operate in FL maybe someone else can help you with that

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Research and develop an understanding of a lease, before getting into one. You should never enter into a contract which you don’t understand.

The Jeep and the provided figures are irrelevant at this point, but the offer sucks.

That’s why I’m here. Found this place by accident. So why does the offer suck?

Use the search function. There are a dozen posts a day on this topic

Calculate what the payment should be. Research the MF/RV on Edmunds and ask what the dealer discount is.

@Conching Read this thread and ask your questions in there.