Jeep Lease Questions


About to finally pull the trigger and lease a jeep 4xe through a broker that has great reviews on here. I’m a total newb at leasing but a long time lurker of leasehackr. This being my first lease I have a few questions (some probably stupid) and appreciate/welcome any advice?

Is this a good deal?
-I was first interested in leasing over financing so I would have bigger repair issues covered… in my brain the best coverage for a lemon situation. I’m aware I’ll need to do upkeep maintenance. Wondering if there’s sneaky loopholes manufacturers use to thwart the customer if they sell you a vehicle with major problems?
-Through lease financing that all goes through Jeep corporate?
-The money down that goes to the dealer can be rolled towards drive off and dealer fee is non-refundable. What scenarios would this deal not go through?
-Are there any questions I should ask the broker?
-If after the 36 months I actually want to keep the vehicle what are my options?
-How does leasing impact insurance rates?
-Has anyone else leased a 2022 4xe and do you have any tips? I’ve never owned a hybrid vehicle nor a suv…

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