HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


October 18, 2021 - Moderator’s Notes:

  • Wrangler is no longer eligible for FCA Affiliate Rewards Price.

  • Discounts on ordered vehicles have diminished compared to when this thread was originally created (June 2021). Skip to the most recent posts to get an idea of what current discounts are like.

  • MY 2021 orders have ended; only MY 2022 Wranglers can be ordered.

  • Sold Order Consumer Protection Program (SOPP) has ended for Chrysler Capital. RV/MF cannot be locked; it will be based on delivery date.

  • Aside from Gupton, other sellers mentioned in this topic include:

  • @BostonCarConcierge (Northeast)

  • @Clutch (South, West)

  • @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto (California)

  • @LeaseCompanion (Northeast)

  • Chapman

  • Criswell

  • Mall of Georgia

Please PM @admins to update this list or other info.

How to get a Good 4XE DEAL

  1. Go to this link and donate $50 to become a member of the Access Fund. This will let you get preferred pricing on Jeep vehicles. When your signing up note the Company Code. Access Fund’s Company Code: M65519
  1. Now that we are a member of an affiliate organization we have to let Chrysler know. Follow this link and use the company code from Access Fund to create your profile. You should now be able to generate a control number. We will need to provide this to the dealer later on.
    Need to wait 30 days after donating before taking delivery!
    FCA Affiliate Rewards

  2. Now we need to build out Wrangler so the dealer can create an order for us. Go here and spec it out as much as you’d like. Make sure to download your configure.

  1. Now in this case we will be using the TN dealer Gupton Motors. At last check he was still 9.7% off with affiliate so here is a calculator of what the payment would be on a 55k sticker using May programs. Including NY tax of 8.75%
  1. Now we will email of Gupton Motors in Springfield, TN.

Subject: Jeep Forums Wrangler 4XE Order


Good morning Daniel,

I would like to place an order for the attached configuration(see step 3).

  1. Daniel will then respond with an order for for you to pay your $1k deposit for the truck to be built. The calculator in step 4 accounts for this $1k as a down payment.

  2. Post Sale after you pick up or have your truck shipped make sure to claim the $250 Bonus Drive post sale rebate. Navigate to the below link and submit proof of another vehicle in house. 58

Special special shout-out to @LeaseNYC who discovered this dealer and served as the framework for this deal. It’s awesome members like him that make LH what it is!


Hey @vinny if I may add, since the TN dealer is doing 6% under invoice, you need to find your invoice pricing first. This website below lets you build out your exact 4xe and gives you your exact invoice pricing which then you can take 6% off to find your exact selling price.


Good catch, thanks man. I figure make this post since we over 2k comments on the other thread. Plus I get like 2-3 pms a day asking for info.


Thank you for this. Is the deposit non-refundable?

Yes, use it towards driveoffs on the lease. If you make a mistake on your build and want to reorder a new one, that $1k is gone so be very careful.

My dudes… is CarQuotes showing with the MSRP bump?

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Yes, it looks like CarQuotes includes the MSRP bump. Spec’ing a Wrangler on shows the same MSRP as CarQuotes.

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Will this work in WA - one of the dealers here marked up the 4xE by 5k over MSRP.

The question is - it sounds like it needs dealer to co-operate & sell the vehicle at a discount. So we cant really bypass the dealer pricing right?

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Sure. Nothing stopping you from using the dealer in TN even though you’re in WA.

Thanks for the post! Do you know what colors are excluded? I saw several listed in the previous thread but wasn’t sure if there will still excluded colors or not. Also, I saw a post for an additional $1,100 off if you were in NY for a different electric car incentive, does that only apply if you are purchasing through a NY dealer?

yes, NY $1100 clean rebate only applies if you lease from NY dealer so this specific deal excludes that rebate

Does anyone know the Company Code for Access Fund? I can’t find it on the site and don’t remember it. A few people have been PM’ing asking for it.

Access Fund’s Company Code: M65519

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Will this work in any state I’m in Florida and do you I know how long the car will be ready in?

Florida works, time for build to arrive at dealer is usually 1 month but depends on your options and can be longer

How do you ensure this lease payment? I sent this exact email to gupton a week ago and got the 9.7% off. Everything looked great. When I asked what the lease payment would be “barring no major changes to the MF/RS or anything like that”. He told me $410 a month with nearly 5k down.

I was not working with Daniel though.

Well that’s the issue lol work with Daniel. He’s the gsm, regular sales reps don’t know the scoop

Roger. Email sent to Daniel. Thanks for the help!

The $1000 build fee refundable?