HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

So I spoke with a dealer and ordered a 4xe Sahara. Here are the details of the car
MSRP: $65,150
Selling Price pre-incentive should be: $57,141
Fed Rebate: $7,500
Amount due the dealer is asking: $538
I have attached the contract, I have not signed it yet. But I honestly feel like there is a discrepancy of ~$100 in monthly payment. According to the leasehackr calculator my payment is ~$410
Can someone please explain what’s causing this and is the dealer abiding by their promise of giving the discounts and rebates.
Thank you as always for being there for me every time.

Post your calculator…? Also, there are over 20k posts regarding the 4xe specifically. Have we attempted to figure anything out? At least become a supporter of LH if you’re going to milk the cow and not at least offer to feed it.


Please post your calculator


Where did you get over 12% discount??


The MSRP you are referencing is that the window sticker or from the POC?

I think you’re trying to use the original POC for selling price and the increased MSRP from the window sticker.

Otherwise you would be getting 12-13% off.

Also have you confirmed the MF is buy rate?


My guess is it’s a pre-price increase order and the post-price increase msrp is being plugged in, making the rv not match the contract and that’s where the price discrepancy is coming from.


Can confirm my dumbass did the same thing :lying_face:

Creepin up to part 3 here :love_you_gesture:t3:

Msrp is taken from the window sticker of the vehicle.
Can you please explain me what the POC is and how can I get the POC?
I have not confirmed the MF as of now I will confirm asap and let you guys know.

Here’s the calculator:

Mf is .00144 on your contract


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You should have got the poc when you placed the order. It’s what had the msrp/invoice at ordering on it, your von#, etc

This is definitely where the discrepancy is though as the rv on your contract is not the same rv as in your calculator.

What state are you in? Your calculator shows that you’re in a monthly taxed state with untaxed incentives but the contract doesn’t reflect a state that’s taxed monthly


Sold my 22 HA with 4k miles for 57k to a local dealer. 5.5k profit
Msrp was 63k
Was thinking the profit was gonna be bigger but that was the highest offer i got. Driveway. Com offered the same but didnt wanted to deal with the wait other people are experiencing.

One thing I didn’t understand was that my paid off was 50646 not including taxes, but when called chrysler financial from the dealer they stated was 51500 for the dealer.


I found the POC. The MSRP total on POC $62,985. The FWP total on the POC is $60,148.

I am from Illinois but the dealer is locator in Georgia.

Can you please explain how you got that?

The difference is likely the $350 buyout and your monthly payment that they added in the payoff. You’ll get a refund on the monthly if payoff was made on time.

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This is my constructed calculator:

  1. You already have the residual value. MSRP and RV(%) is just to get the residual value, in your case is $39680. You need to make sure this is the number shows on the LH calculator.

  2. Acq fee, dealer fee and reg fee are added as cap cost, so just add them to the selling price.

  3. Your $7500 is calculated as 6513 cap cost reduction, 449 title fee, 536 first month payment in the contract. You still got the full amount of rebates but they are constructed a bit differently by your dealer.

Edit: As Matt says, tax numbers are a bit off. This is my attempt so don’t take it very serious lol.

Updates 2:
Given the total tax is $2101, this should be calculated as the total of payments * tax rate. So the $6513 cap cost should be considered as taxable. Here is updated calculator:

The difference between 7500-6513 is used as title fee and the first monthly payment. Thus the actual das is 0 and there are remaining 35 payments at $535

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Mf = (total rent charge / number of periods the lease is for) / (adjusted cap cost + residual value)


This calculator makes no sense

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Are you in chicago?

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