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I feel bad sending so much to the trash heap, so I’m creating this new topic. This is for posts that don’t fit otherwise in one of the following:

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FYI. Because this relies on regenerative braking; be aware that braking does NOT feel very responsive unless you really lay into the brake pedal. I almost rear ended someone my first day. In city traffic I highly recommend Max Regen. Basically as long as you aren’t accelerating, it’s decelerating using brake regeneration. Which in effect felt like it made the actual brake pedal much more responsive to braking. I also did notice a slight uptick in range using it the last two days in town. On another note, it seems like the regenerative braking is going to make the physical brake pads last a very long time.

One anomaly. My drivers door really needs shut hard or it senses it open. And. In a quirk that probably isn’t intended - the engine either shuts down once I come to a stop - or lurches forward in a very dangerous way. Not sure what logic is going into that, but make sure those doors are shut securely.

Alternatively, you can just slow down sooner.

All max regen is doing is pressing the brake pedal for you.

haven’t done a test but do the brake lights illuminate with regen braking when you let off the accelerator but aren’t pressing the brake? was wondering about getting rear ended as well

yes they do

78 kWh is approx 5 charge cycles. If you have 100ish miles on electric showing, then youre not far off 22 miles of range per charge.

When looking at your electric rates, are you combining the generation and the delivery rates? $.06 per kWh is very, very cheap.

Also, ignore the mpg read out in the dash. It’s useless and inaccurate. Unless you have actually divided miles traveled by the gas you put in, you dont have any useful information as to what mpg you’ve been getting.

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I was wrong. It is 6.3 cents, but only for the first 1,350- then it raises to 8.1 cents. So it’s $6.30 for that 100 miles. They offer as low as 3.7 cents off peak, as long as I’m willing to pay 18 cents between 2-7PM. It’s been 105-110 every day for two weeks. I don’t think I’m going to risk that. Lol.

Oh. And no. I am probably not calculating both sides. I am only calculating what the L2 charger says it is delivering. Do I need to meter it before the charger to get a true output?

Anybody have any suggestions on extenders for Lvl2 charger (emporia thanks @mllcb42 for suggestion great charger indeed). I want to be able to charge an EV in my driveway occasionally if doing something else in the garage.

Nevermind, didn’t realize you were just looking for extender.

thanks already have an Lvl2 EV charger the emporia installed this week hardwired but i want something that will allow me to extend the length of the J1772 portion to reach further. The existing one is 24-25feet for its charging cable.

Lectron sells one… although lectron in general seems to have issues with overheating due to insufficient gauge wires used, so i dont know if i would trust their offering.

I have a Gladiator Mojave right now, almost 1k miles and hate it. It’s an absolute DOG and the gas mileage is noticeably worse than all my previous V6 Wranglers and actually less than my averages in 1500s.

Priced it through all the usual suspects - Driveway, Carvana, Carmax, Autonation, WeBuyAnyCar, GMTV.
Interestingly, Driveway was about $3500 LESS than all the others; they are all in the $52k range and Driveway was at $48000. I told the Driveway agent that, and I have all offers in writing and they’ve totally disengaged!

My Jeep roof wouldn’t open sometimes and when it did it got stuck. Dealer ordered a part and it didn’t work. Next day got a call that it was just some bent connectors. Lady at the counter gave me the wrong paperwork to sign first which showed what they billed to Stellantis for warranty (New roof motor, adjust roof, modules and list goes on) but they really didn’t do anything.

Jeep, they held a contest to come up with a new easter egg, with best idea getting a new Jeep, then bailed and never named a winner.

i have been looking myself and haven’t come up with a good option as a permanent solution. there are things like the lectron that mllcb recommended but the overwhelming sentiment is this is more of an in-case-of-emergency type item rather than a everyday one.

if you do find something please let us know. otherwise my electrician bill is going to skyrocket.

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@mllcb42 , how you feeling about your HA? I honestly think the steel gray interior is awesome and I’m happy about it every time I open the door, even better when I can push a button to move the top back.

Loving it. Open the sky one touch at least 4 times a day. The steel gray interior looks great. Wish it had slightly more width, had auto up/down windows, and the wiring harness from the doors didnt stick into the cabin and tub my shin.


Windows are auto down, just not auto up.

Front windows are auto down, rears are not


Seriously, Jeep does some fcked up sht and the process of ordering can be frustrating, but the SOT is the only way to go. Every Jeep I ordered and sold had SOT, just in case I got stuck with it. I really didn’t care about profit, I just wanted more people to have it.