Best Wrangler 4xe packages for resale

I’m considering leasing a Wrangler 4xe from the south and send to San Fransisco. Most likely I will drive it for fun for a few months (95% daily commute + 5% light off-road) and sell it to make a small profit. What trims/packages are best for this purpose? My initial thoughts:

High Altitude with white exterior (no cost), Sky top (convenient to use for my daily commute), off-road camera (safe), advanced safety (safe daily commute on the freeway), and Differential Rear Axle. I don’t need towing packages (never tow), special exterior colors, or heated seats (I’m in San Fransisco), but I can add them if they will increase resell values.

I can also get a Sahara with the same packages to save $2.5k in MSRP, but High Altitude will have a higher resale value? Not sure.

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