HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

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And around it goes… will this be the final chapter?


I think the final chapter was 3, but Jason and Michael Myers always seem to come back.


Even Hollywood knows when there’s meat on the bone, but they lose a doozy too.

Has anyone ever gotten $100 check from GMTV for not being able to match carmax offer? They just texted me saying they are mailing me a $100 check. Guess we’ll see!


I pushed them on it and they said it has to be a carmax manual appraisal and they won’t honor the $100 for an automated offer, lol

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Few weeks ago, they couldn’t beat two offers for the CarMax, so they mailed me $200 check.



Just want to call out @Clutch for a very reasonable approach to getting a Jeep before the end of the year. 5% off in-stock units, with rebates, feels like the good old days again!


Agreed. Also interesting that his south dealer is shunning CCAP and only using Ally.

Why the 8/31 cutoff?

@Clutch would be the best one to answer, but my guess is due to the typical minimum 2-3 month turn-around time from order to delivery. They basically don’t want a bunch of orders arriving in early 2023 based on the hope of getting the credit and then having customers complaining/canceling en masse because CCAP pulls the rebate.


The risk that they don’t arrive before 12/31 and who knows how it’ll go in 23 with the 7500 credit


Makes sense, leaves 4 months to get them all built.

I think they know half the $7500 credit is possibly disappearing starting 1/1/23.

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I missed it. Where was that stated?

With this option why would anyone custom order it now? They can just pick from the available inventory plus 5 to 6 % discount plus $7500 rebate.
Yes its not the usual 9% discount but 5 to 6% is still very good in todays mkt.


Full announcement


I thought Ally leases were a PITA to get out of?

They are - but for those who are buy and hold customers, they also offer lower monthly payments (and for others Ally also allows lease transfers - per clutch).

And it’s the dealer of his that doesn’t like flips and makes you promise not to sell so it makes sense to go that route.