HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

To me your calculator numbers are way off.

  1. $7500 incentives are taxed. Your $2101 tax is calculated by the total payments * tax rate, your total of payments shows $26724, which means the incentives are taxed.

  2. Gov fee $449, not $400. Dealer fee $599, not 500.
    You also missed the $259 license fee.

  3. If the residual value on your contract is correct, then your MRSP is no where near what you have input in the calculator. $39680/0.64=$62000. If you have any questions about this number, you will need to talk to your dealer to make sure this residual number is correct. MSRP won’t be used in the contract, only selling price and residual value matter.

Let’s assume the residual value is correct, this is my calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Total cost is $521 * 36, and since you das is $7500-$7500=0, your monthly payment is $521 * 36 / 35=$536, which is aligned with the contract number.

Here to participate in the history, what all other lease deals will be judged on.

70k Jeep placed in late december 21, currently built waiting for its trail assignment!

Lets go!!


You are both rude and ignorant about credit scoring. If you apologize, then I can answer your question.


What should the RV be calculated on? The POC msrp or the window sticker msrp?

If the sales price is protected, the rv is based on the poc msrp.

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Ok, here is how I simplified your calc.
They state what your cap cost is after the $987 is taken from the rebate. So, taking the cap cost plus 987 minus RV minus the 2100 tax, I come up with $2144 in fees. I simply added 2144 to the dealer fees and zeroed out all else. I know this messes with tax slightly, but it is far less discrepancy than not capping the fees. Oh and I set it to 36/12 since that is what 63% applies to.

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Part III, Ey?

Proof that we as a community can talk some sh*t. Jeez. Congrats to everyone involved :sunglasses:


Picking up my new 4xe at Chapman tomorrow at 11. Will anyone else be there?? For those who have picked up how long were you there? Did they show you all around the jeep and help you connect your phone to apple play? Was your Jeep charged?

yes, charged. they’ll show you whatever you want. Both times I went, I wound up waiting an hour to get into F&I.

yikes 1 hour wait. My hubby will be very cranky. How long after process got started?

maybe 15-20 mins to sign

How do I remove a previous (sold) Jeep from my Uconnect app?

Call Uconnect support

Thanks, will do.

Got an update from Mike at MoG today. My jeep is built, awaiting final inspection, and awaiting assignment of a rail car. He said it may be a long wait for rail car assignment. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

I did your calculator. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

This is hit or miss - I still have a 2019 Cherokee that got totaled on my account and I’ve asked them to remove it lol

Just got a build order date for my Sahara that I ordered on 2/22 from Mike. Looking at a 4/11 build

wrong RV per his contract

Gupton lot today has quite a few deliveries to make. About 8 lined up for appointments today and then all these it in the lot