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Good Afternoon Hackers!

I’m currently trying to work out a deal on a 4xE Sahara. I live in Tulsa but work in Texas, so I have been doing a lot of shopping there. It seems like the deals are getting progressively worse and there’s some confusion about how to apply the EV credit.

So with that being said, are there any pointers for what I should be looking for when searching dealer inventory? Or have any personal experience with a dealer or specific salesperson that I could reach out to?

I’m looking to make a purchase ASAP, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Your best chance at this time is find a good broker, search in Marketplace.
You want the hot car at the worst time.

Did you read through

From the beginning?


Answered in the thread that @jeisensc linked to. But I believe the vast majority of the deals were factory orders, not vehicles already on the lot.

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That’s like asking if they’ve read Dune as a prerequisite…

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  • We’re talking only about the first six Frank Herbert novels, none of the garbage Brian Herbert published after he died — correct?
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I’m genuinely curious. Is this truck that desirable, or are people just drawn to the potential of a deal? The reviews make it seem not great.


It’s a Wrangler. The hybrid system appears to be somewhat useful for efficiency and torque, if not a bit ham fisted in its implementation. The attraction is that the hybrid system offers an opportunity to lease one at a price that wouldn’t be possible in a comparable ICE Wrangler thanks to the $7,500 credit. I’m not sure what the reviewers were expecting, an off road Tesla? If you want a Wrangler at the moment there’s really no compelling reason to not choose the 4xe, especially if you are leasing it. I get being wary about a new product/drive train on a purchase, but if it’s a lease I wouldn’t be too concerned. The only thing you lose is under seat storage thanks to the batteries and you gain some curb weight, which can have advantages and disadvantages in an off road scenario, which if we’re honest most of these will rarely, if ever see.


It’s the deal mostly.


In my case, I have coveted a Wrangler since the 80’s, but could never justify it due to it’s rather limited use, especially as a truck (pre Gladiator). Wife refused a Bolt due to range anxiety, and full on commitment to long duration plug in charging in a condo that has no charging stations nor 240V outside at all, on a steep hill, etc etc. Enter 4xE, and I had to have it…planets aligned. EV credit simply pushed me/us over the edge. Have NO reservation or complaints on it…they hit a home run on this thing imo.


The V6 is pathetic, 392 is $75k. 4XE provides decent power (at least in paper)

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