HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


And they’ll have no problem selling to a walk in customer at MSRP

The problem is most of the dealers, that I am aware of anyway, still don’t want to do this because jeep will punish them for it. It is too big of a loophole for dealers to place customer orders on high demand vehicles in order to get moved to the front of production versus just orders for dealer stock.


My concern is that I currently drive a 2019 honda accord that I still have on a lease contract. I can sell to CarMax for a profit of about $3000. But I am afraid that the value of the car drop while I wait for the Jeep to be build and delivered and I cannot get out of the lease without paying.

What percentage discount does affiliate add on average. Is it 3.7%?

You bring up something that is implied, but not talked about a huge amount…lease hacking can be for gamblers :slight_smile:

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Can someone explain how I do this? Do I have to take delivery at the dealer in TN? I am a little lost here. I’m in PA and would like to get this deal. TIA.

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Generally your only two options with an out-of-state dealer are to pay for shipping or to travel to pick up in person.


Anybody knows what is the average cost of shipping to south Florida?

That’s true for every deal, not just this one.

And it probably wouldn’t be the worst use of time to call around other parts of the PNW, Idaho, Utah, etc. basically anything closer than TN.

Id guess $700-800 to SFL from other southern areas.

What is the dealer fee at gupton?

Edit; never mind. I see it in the calc. So, all in all, if 9.7% is for real, with the $300 higher dealer fee, this would have saved me $3/mo over using Clutch, plus saved the $400 broker fee. But, maybe I saved myself some time for that ~$500.


its 506.50 ( 499 + 7.50 temp tag) , discount is based on invoice so if you have higher msrp = higher discount. example - a 66k rubi will be around 11.1% off vs a base Sahara 51k would be 9.4%

Does getting this deal with the 7500 rebate lock you into the vehicle for a certain amount of time? For example the NJ rebate requires you to keep it for 36 months.
If this craziness continues I would love to sell to vroom next year at a large profit (if it’s allowed of course)

7500 is a Federal rebate and FCA is passing the savings they get onto you, a la no locks.


For custom orders, Do anyone know if residual value (RV) is locked at the time of order, for lease?
I know that MF and acquisition fee (waived as of now) is applicable at the time of signing the lease and MSRP is locked at the time of ordering the vehicle.

Awesome! Thanks! Do you know if it’s limited to 1 rebate per customer?

If anyone wants to split a truckload to save on freight PM me I am in NJ maybe we can set up 2-3 pickup locations in the NY NJ CT PA area


You can’t lock those in, if numbers change delivery month its that. Part of the gamble of ordering a jeep

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No it’s not


Me and @JMCam ordered from Gupton yesterday. I would love to save some on shipping if we get a truckload coming up to NE but each of our builds are different which can mean different arrival times at dealer and I would love to take delivery/have it picked up asap before month end so i can get june numbers. Have you ordered yours?